Parekh as Mahaguru

MUMBAI: After a much enjoyed time off, veteran Asha Parekh will now take centre stage as Mahaguru (judge) in the show Tyohaar Dhamaaka a festival dance show (where TV stars will perform) going on air on October 13. “I have a great love for Indian classical dance,” she says explaining her decision.

As a Mahaguru what would she be particular about? “I would like the dance form, say bhangra, to be pure. I would also lay emphasis on synchronisation, lip-synching, choreography and the presentation.”

Asha, whose dances in films are still flashed across satellite TV, lists the numbers Dekho bijlee dole (Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon), Raat ka sama (Ziddi) and Koi matwala aaya mere dwaare (Love in Tokyo) as her favourites.

It may be mentioned that Asha was dubbed as the Jubilee Parekh, her career card flashing many hits — with costars Joy Mukherjee, Shashi Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Dharmendra right up to Rajesh Khanna. Interestingly, the actor could carry glam characters effortlessly accessorised it with dignity.

“The way you dress and carry yourself and the way you behave has a lot to do with that,” she states modestly.

Does she miss the dazzle of showbiz? “I don’t have the time to feel lonely. I am learning music and painting. I am very involved with my hospital. I am also in touch with my colleagues

— Waheedaji (Rehman), Nanda and Saira (Banu).”

Tell her such abiding friendships are rare in an industry now ridden with catfights and Asha answers, “Our rivalries were professional. They didn’t spill into our real lives.”

Asha isn’t too keen to lather up yet another soap.

“Dailies are difficult to shoot. I can’t cope with them. I have worked very hard. I am enjoying my sabbatical.”Any plans to pen her autobiography? “No! I don’t know if I could be true to it,” she confesses.