Paris Hilton retrieves burgled jewellery

LOS ANGELES: Socialite Paris Hilton is one lucky girl to have retrieved most of her USD 2 million worth jewellery which was stolen. The 28-year-old heiress'' valuables were stolen from her home last year but the Los Angeles police department has retrieved the jewellery and has returned it to Hilton, reported People magazine online.

"Paris went to the police station last night to retrieve her stolen belongings," her publicist Dawn Miller said. "She didn''t get everything but fortunately most of her jewelry was returned.

She is really pleased and thankful to the LAPD for their help," she added. A number of suspects from an alleged burglary gang comprising of mostly teenagers have been arrested in a sting operation on Thursday, who are accused of robbing other celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge and Orlando Bloom.

Rachel J Lee, 19, who detectives believe is the ringleader of the gang involved in the celebrity-burglaries, was arrested in Las Vegas and remains in custody. Lee had an apparent fascination with celebrity fashion, a source close to the case said.