Paris Hilton's TV hunt for pal to hit Dubai

LOS ANGELES: American party girl Paris Hilton is taking her TV reality show and a hunt for a new best friend to the distant shores of Dubai, and will have to tone down some of the progam's racier aspects.

"Paris Hilton My New BFF - Dubai" will be modelled on her raunchy MTV series in which Hilton tests women to see if they could be her best friend forever (BFF), industry daily Variety said Tuesday.

As in the US version, Hilton, 28, will put a group of women, half from the Middle East and half from elsewhere but living in Dubai, through their paces to see if they are compatible.

But in a nod to the stricter, more conservative values of the United Arab Emirates, alcohol, usually a staple of such reality shows, will be banned.

"And the production has promised to adhere to local cultural sensitivities. Swearing, sexually explicit conversation or risque clothing will be kept to a minimum," Variety said.

The program, which will be produced in a deal between Lionsgate, Ish Entertainment and Dubai-based Uniqon, still has to be approved by the UAE authorities.

A darling of the tabloids, Hilton, the great-granddaughter of the Hilton hotel chain's founder, shot to fame in 2003 when her boyfriend leaked a video of their sexual escapades on the Internet.

She became a television star with the reality show "The Simple Life" alongside her real-life friend, Nicole Ritchie, in which the celebrity princesses lived at a country farm in a lifestyle neither would likely ever otherwise encounter.

Hilton has since appeared in films and made musical recordings, but her efforts have only been greeted with three "Razzie Awards" -- parodies of the Oscars doled out for the worst screen performances.

In 2007, Hilton was jailed for 23 days for violating probation over an alcohol-related reckless driving conviction triggering a media frenzy in the United States.