Parveen Babi-Bhatt’s love life on reel

MUMBAI: Mohit Suri, of Kalyug fame, is ready to film mentor Mahesh Bh-att’s tumultuous relationship with the late Parveen Babi in his next film Awaarapan.

Says Suri: “I was blown when I read Bhatt saab’s account on Parveen Babi after her death. He spoke with such brutal frankness. And the fact that she died all alone in her apartment made me think about the darkest and ugliest side of showbiz: loneliness.”

The fact Pooja Bhatt is making a similar film doesn’t daunt him. “She is remaking Bhatt saab’s Arth, which was more the story of her mother (Bhatt Saab’s first wife Kiran) than Parveen Babi. My film is going to be an exploration of Parveen Babi’s life.”