Paying your way

Studying abroad is an amazing experience that you won’t forget; in fact, some colleges make it a requirement that all of their students travel abroad at some point during their studies. However, the tuition for studying abroad can be very high, and some people can’t afford to have such amazing opportunities.

When you think about all of the expenses involved in studying abroad, it does make sense that the tuition in so expensive. From living expenses, to airfare, to the study abroad tuition itself, the truth is that however amazing the opportunity may be, it is an expensive one.

For those who can’t afford the study abroad tuition, there are many ways to overcome various financial obstacles. Before you admit defeat completely, you should make sure to investigate all of your options. Who knows, maybe there is a deal or scholarship that would just meet your study abroad tuition needs.

Scholarships, work study: The first place to look

The first place that you should look for financial aid for your study abroad tuition is through your college or university. There is sure to be some type of scholarship that you can apply for in order to study abroad. If you have good grades and excellent teacher recommendations, then you should be a good candidate for such a scholarship.

Colleges and universities also frequently offer work-study programmes that might also meet your study abroad tuition needs. For example, a certain department, like the foreign language department, might allow you to work in their department in order to earn your study abroad tuition.

Working abroad

Another option is working. If you can work abroad and keep up with your studies at the same time, then this is a great solution to your financial problems. In order to do this, however, you will need both a job and a work permit. The Council for International Educational Exchange can help you obtain both.

Get creative

If you have tried both of these options with little success, then it is time to get creative in your endeavours. There are so many ways that you can raise funds in order to finance your study abroad tuition.

One way you can go about obtaining money for your tuition is by writing to local organisations that might be interested in funding your trip or tuition. Such groups include foundation and agencies, media, business and professional clubs, associations of high school alumni, civic groups, heritage groups, and travel agencies. When writing to these groups, you should write a personal letter telling them about yourself. Including a personal touch, such as a photograph, is also a nice touch.

Don’t give up

If it is your dream to study abroad, then don’t give up on it. Though the tuition for a study abroad experience is high, you should not have to be limited by the amount of money that you have. If you are determined to study abroad, the people around you will admire your determination and will be more likely to help you with your goals. — Agencies