Peace parade and hot Latin music

KATHMANDU: The fourth day of the sixth Kathmandu Jazz Festival ‘Jazzmandu 2008’ saw the celebration of music, peace and life intertwined in one through two different events. Jazzmandu has always maintained that the sole purpose behind the festival has always been peace. With their tagline ‘music for peace’ on the hot afternoon of October 25 all the participating artistes, both national and international, were on the streets of Lazimpat for the carnival filled with fun. All Jazzmandu musicians were joined by traditional Nepali dancers, folk musicians, lakhe dancers, people playing panche baja and Buddhist monks spreading the message of peace.

While the afternoon was all about spreading peace, the evening was about smouldering and saucy Red Hot Latin Jazz. The Regency Ballroom came alive with groovy and funky music from the Caribbean and Brazil. Sensational singers with strong yet velvety voices Catia Werneck and Wanny Angerer along with their bands kept the mood upbeat. The floor was open for anyone to join in but the crowd seemed to be reluctant and decided to enjoy the show sitting on the chairs and sipping drinks. Still few dare devils flaunted their dance moves away from the floor at their tables. Some just tapped their foot, some clapped along and some just moved their body along with the music. Latin jazz was memorable for the distinctive spicy hot flavour it added to the whole festival.