People’s jatra


One of Capital’s busiest streets came to a total halt on June 16 for the Kupondole Jatra, which was organised by the Friend’s Club of Kupondole on its 35th anniversary. Former Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai inaugurated the festival with other politicians, ambassadors, among others, gracing the occasion.

The day was a witness to the popularity of musical concert, which boasted an array of renowned singers and bands like Nima Rumba, Om Bikram Bista, Sugam Pokharel, Preeti Kaur, and, of course, The Unity. Some of the young local bands looked promising, while some were definitely not fit to entertain the crowd. Ten-year-old drummer-cum-vocalist of the band Kid Soul, Bijay Manandhar, received quite a good response from the crowd.

Some of the stalls lining the road were interesting, while many were the ‘same old ones’. Young folks were seen swarming the tattoo stall, and the food stalls, as expected, were doing good business. The golas were very, very popular on this hot afternoon.

A number of handicraft and clothing stalls also were pulling many.

“Many women are visiting our stalls and encouraging us on our endeavour,” said a visibly happy Radhika Swar of Women’s Initiative in Environment and Development, which had put a handicraft stall. “They ask more about us, and whether they too can learn making such handicraft,” she added.

Kupondole Jatra did attract a massive number of people, who probably enjoyed walking on the vehicle-free road the most.