PEOPLESPEAK: If it helps, white lie’s no problem

Though I’m not making a confession here, I think I must be one hell of a lying woman. During my school days, I inveterately lied to my teacher and feigned sickness. When I was in college. I used to lie to a professor when asked about bunking his Economics classes. Still, today as a housewife, I can’t help lying to my husband about the expenses. That perhaps gives me a perverse satisfaction of outsmarting everyone.

— Witu Shrestha

The answer must be a firm ‘No’ because a lie is always a lie. Irrespective of its purpose, one should never tell a lie. I do not believe in the philosophy that says end justifies the means or the end is more important than the means. I believe that means are as important as the end. The Bhagwat Gita says one should follow the right means to achieve one’s goals. Lord Buddha calls it ‘Right Action’. No positive religion condones a lie. One need not tell lies to right a wrong. There are indeed other ways of doing that. I feel that telling lies to right a wrong is an excuse to tell lies.

— Geeta Rana

One of my friends had a severe stomach pain, while we were at school. Fearing that the teacher wouldn’t allow her to go home, she faked eyestrain. Later when she was taken to the doctor, the doctor diagnosed appendicitis, to be operated upon immediately. I realised then that though we lied to our teacher, it saved her life and therefore we had nothing to feel guilty about. A lie saved her life.

— Anuja Koirala

It is true that a white lie causes no harm or harms very little. Sometimes white lie might help us to get rid of petty problems. But it is not good to resort to white lies at all times. Also it is a bad habit, which might feed perverse nature to tell more malicious lies. So we should look twice before we leap and weigh pros and cons before we speak.

— Dilli Raj Upreti

Our religious and ethical teachings prohibit from telling lies. It is true that elders often preach their children to speak the truth. But if we watch them closely even they themselves can be found breaching the sanctimonious ethical code. It is human nature to resort to lies to cover-up for the mistakes that are committed knowingly or unknowingly. However, there are times when people are forced to speak lies for good reasons also. In my personal case, I try to restrain myself from telling a lie. However, I don’t feel guilty telling a lie if that helps someone.

— Ambika Pandey

Every one knows that telling lies is not a good habit. But the question here is how many of us do implement it in our day-to-day life? Reasons may vary but children and adults alike are experts in the art of telling lies. The only difference being that while the former is not aware of the outcome, the latter do it deliberately. Whatever be the motive, it always leaves the perpetrators with a deep feeling of guilt. So it is always better to speak the truth.

— Manisha Nepal

I believe in the outcome of actions. If end is good, everything is good. So, lying is okay if its outcome is good regardless of how we have been indoctrinated.

— Rabi

We have been taught about the evils of lying. So, it’s natural for us to not to condone the act of lying. But no one can afford to be so righteous as the Satyawadi Hrischandra. Occasionally a lie can work wonders. It doesn’t mean however that being habituated to lying is good.

— Jyotsana Parajuli

If a white lie were intended for good reasons, I wouldn’t have second thoughts about telling a lie myself. Though we are taught that lying is bad, it may turn out to be not so bad after all.

— Sarose Bhurtel

I think that although we could right a wrong by telling a white lie, we shouldn’t do so. If we can’t avoid telling a lie, it shouldn’t harm others in any way.

— Sushil Raj Paudel

If there were chances of doing something right instead of wrong by telling a white lie, I would prefer to tell a lie instead of doing nothing to prevent it. However, a white lie should not be resorted to unless the situation genuinely demands it. Meanwhile, a white lie should be acceptable to everyone.

— Sudhir Bhandary

I believe in the religion that regards humanity as the greatest religion of all. If one white lie can save thousands of people from getting into trouble, I would rather tell that lie than speak the truth to ruin their lives. Even in the holy epic Mahabarata, Lord Krishna himself told a lie for the welfare of the state.

— Smriti Thapa

Though we’ve been preached to never tell a lie, it is difficult to remain100 per cent faithful to this dictum. If a single and a simple lie can help handle a complicated situation, it is no more a sin than to keep mum.

— Ekta Kabra