Peoplespeak : Make merry on Doomsday

If it were the end of the world today and I could do only one thing, then I’ll transform all human beings, plants and animals into aliens. According to question, the earth is going to end but not the universe. So by becoming aliens we can migrate to new planets where existence of life is possible. Probably the aliens are much more sharper than the human beings. So it wouldn’t be a painful task to search for a the place in universe to exist. I just want to do this because it would be a golden chance to make all living beings similar to each other. Moreover it would erase the exploitation done on plants and animals by so-called civilised beings — the humans.

— Amar Shrestha, Pokhara

One wish I would like to fulfil before the end of the world is to go inside the Narayanhiti palace. I am so curious to know what is inside the palace and why it looks “larger than a life” from outside with such tight security for the king of a small country like Nepal. My soul wouldn’t rest in peace if I didn’t do that before the end.

— Sumnima Khatri

If there was one thing I could do before the end of the world, I would call all the people of the world, tell them to stop the war, hatred, discrimination and embrace each other at least once before the end.

— Shakti Shrestha

I have never gone on a wild safari. Moreover I’m very afraid of wild creatures. If today were the end of the world, then I’d want to go on a safari. I don’t want to die with phobias as such. And I like to enjoy this very last journey with my special one.

— Preejal Silakar

For me the most important people in this world are my friends. So if it were the end of the world and I could do only one thing, then I would definitely like to spend that time with my friends and make it unforgettable.

— Dibya Gurung

I would see my beloved ones and enjoy the last party if the world was going to really end because your loved ones are the only thing that makes our existence meaningful.

— Pradeep Acharya

I will reveal my deepest secrets to my parents. Saying that I will go and shop to my fullest content (that’s every woman’s desire). The reason for not sharing my secret with my parents is that once I tell them I will not be able to face them. But if I know that it the last day of the world, then I will definitely have the courage to speak about it. And I will get an opportunity to breathe without feeling guilty.

— Manisha Singh, Koteshwor

What could be worse than hearing that we are all dying? Maybe everyone will stop working and wait with tears in their eyes for death. In such a condition, if I could have one wish, then I will wish to be the saviour of the people. If I could be Spiderman, or Superman or Batman or any other superhero, then I would try my best to save these innocent people and mankind.

— Prabina Shrestha, Madhyapur Thimi

If today were the last day of the world, I would choose to make people laugh. I am a teenager and I would utilise my last day to make people happy so that they forget that today is their last day.

— Nirupa Bhusal

I would like to begin writing a novel, which would include all my feelings. I would include my memories and all those things that I was longing to be one day in the future through the characters in my novel because as I am always thinking about publishing a novel of my own. Having an attractive cover and my name in bold letters, I would fulfil my aim of writing a novel though I wouldn’t be able to publish it and no one would be left to read it.

— Sanat Aryal, Kirtipur

If it were the end of the world today, I would thank all my friends who have made my life worthwhile. I would hug my pets, kiss my home, thank my family and friends and also invite my enemies to the after life so that we could have a whale of a time, once again wherever we are born into.

— Dr Salil Pradhan, Nakhipot

I’d certainly call on all people across the world to unite and start making merry, not for the reason that our existence is going to end, but for the reason that we have not much time to enjoy. I often feel bitter at the diverse activities of the people — some toiling, some enjoying, some struggling for even a piece of bread, some running after money and so on. If we have even a short period of time, why not to avail ourselves of this time? So, I’d ask everyone to have a common opinion and make the best use of the short period of time by dancing, laughing and partying before the end of the world and our existence.

— Dev Raj Adhikary, Nepaltar

It would be a gathering of my family and community. As I can preach very well, I will convince them not to worry and get scared about the end of the world. I will tell them it is a natural phenomenon for every beginning to come to an end. We have to obey the law of nature. However, I will ensure them that their spirit will always be alive.

— Sonam Lama

If it would be the end of the world, then I would spend it with my family and pray to god that the world never ends. And if it does that I may born in the same family in my next life.

— Rohit Tandon,


I would meet the maximum number of politicians of my country and suggest them to say sorry to the Nepali people for all their actions so that their soul will get little bit of peace. I would also ask them to promise that they would do their duty in the next world.

— Kiran Bhandari, Samakhusi

I’m sure that I would pray to God to take each and every departed soul to heaven because the people have been suffering from many kind of troubles. Heaven is a peaceful place where human mind can get mental relief that enables all human beings to have a peaceful time.

— Anup Ojha, Tanahaun