Peoplespeak : Nip and tuck: Looks matter more than the pain

What nature forgets to bestow, a skilled surgeon can give that to you. Honestly, brains alone do not suffice to succeed in life. The craze of various cosmetic surgeries is spreading like a forest fire, deeply affecting people from all age groups and different walks of life. If you have big bucks then the yearning for good looks can easily be fulfiled. After all, who doesn’t want to look beautiful/ handsome? When we meet someone, before we come to know him well or hear him speak, the first thing that hits us is his/her looks. If nature has not been kind enough on this regard then why not correct this biological mistake? Notwithstanding what is said about the significance of inner beauty and the paltriness of physical attractiveness, practically, everybody knows that a good looking face and well groomed personality counts a lot in the long run. However, if certain carefulness and limitations are not maintained regarding these surgeries, instead of gaining anything, one might end up losing both health and money. Overall, if the surgeries are performed keeping in mind some requisite precautions, they can be considered a boon rather than a bane.

— Nitya Pandey

Beauty lies in the beholders’ eyes. First and foremost one should maintain ones health. For me there is no need to go under the knife if you are healthy. Form and size of your body does not matter. I fell in love with a girl whose face is full of dark spots, she is quite short and over weight, she has sagging breasts and badly shaped lips; but for me she is the most beautiful girl. External beauty makes no sense.

— Love bug

Beauty lies in eyes of the beholder. A beautiful lady, a handsome guy may not be always successful on the basis of their outer looks. The important thing is how intellectual they are, how efficient they are. But as the world is very fashionable now, people want to go accordingly and want to look good. There is always place in all sectors for those who are handsome/beautiful, dashing and smart. In my opinion people who have the perfect looks are favoured more. So people do not want to make any compromises if they can get perfect faces and body. Modern technology has provided people with different types of cosmetic surgery. Competitions like Miss Nepal, Miss World, Miss Universe, Man Hunt and so on are held every year. What do they emphasise on? Beauty. The crowned women, men become celebrities and are recognised all over the world. And then certainly, these kinds of trends compel most people to make the decision to take surgical therapy. It’s also true that most people are left behind only because they do not look good. So, if possible it is better to have surgeries so that they have the courage to do anything.

— Ganga Oli,


In deed, cosmetic and corrective surgeries have become a fashion nowadays and they think that they have become more beautiful. Every thing has a positive and negative impact. It is important to look beautiful and have a good personality. But it has its negative effects too, due to different type of chemicals and surgeries they loose their natural beauty, health and at times even damage their face by using cosmetic and corrective surgeries.

— Bikram M Shrestha

Everyone wants to be beautiful or handsome. In this modern age people are very conscious about their looks. They use various kind of cosmetics and even go for plastic surgery as they want to gain more confidence when they are out in public. If we have good looks than it we can do any kind of work more confidently.

— Rajendra

Everyone has the right to look good. If one is not satisfied with his/her looks and they can improve it, then why not? After all what today matters is only looks.

— Pankaj Agrawal

Nowadays the trend has started in Nepal also to go for surgeries that are not really necessary but actually are quite dangerous for ones health and life. For example the trend of removing the last pair of ribs just to look pancake-flat at the belly which was started by the fashion revolution by the French models. Similar cases can be seen for raising cheekbones too. But people should not be encouraged to risk their own lives just for the sake of fashion. Its not cool but suicidal!

— Cool Cristofer

This life has been gifted to us, by the grace of the Almighty. No one knows, what we were in the past and what we will be in our next life. So why not make best use of this present life. Everyone and everything as its own beauty, it is ones looks that attracts the other person eye or attention. What god has made you, accept it and never play with it, God has given limbs to all of us. Some people have small noses and some have big ones, some have fat lips and others have thin lips and so on. The best thing a person can do is to take care of one self, ones actual beauty.

— Diwan Kashyap

Kumar Dutt

Nip and Tuck made by cosmetic and corrective surgeries has become a fashion today is artificial and will not last long. It is preserved as long as it is done from time to time. Once it is done, it will not satisfy the person s/he will always feel like another part of the face needs surgery too. How long can a person maintain it, as it is very expensive? Secondly, it is an artificial beauty and will be different from natural

beauty. Artificial beauty does not last long and it is not as impressive as natural beauty so why should we opt for such artificial beauty by doing cosmetic and

corrective surgery and spoil the natural beauty given by the god?

— Mohan Narshingh Shrestha, Lalitpur

External beauty is a concern of majority of people, but actually inner beauty matters more. Outer beauty provides a temporary sense of satisfaction where as inner beauty that is embedded in humans shows his real personality.

— Ramesh Bhatta

Nowadays people of developed countries are fashionable and attracted towards cosmetic and corrective surgeries. Many of them are extremely conscious not only about their facial appearance but also about their figure. These types of surgeries are costly, time consuming and possibly leads to severe complications on ones health. We have seen fabulous people without good looking facial features or general appearance, they are famous and many people admire them deeply. In my opinion natural inner beauty or competence is an important part in human life rather than outer appearance for which people get cosmetic or corrective surgeries done.

— Sita Pandey

With the advent of electronic gadgets, technologies and rapid medical evolution, the world is becoming a paradise. Cosmetic and corrective surgeries are dynamic revolutionary instances to fulfil human needs. These things are supportive agents that add to an individual’s personality. But these services are being provided to earn a lot of profit.

— Sanju

If we look around we can see how fashion has gradually changed over the last few years. Women and men both have equal interest in it. No wonder, people are fascinated by new cosmetic care and are interested to try it. People bothered by aging, crooked nose, loss of beauty, wrinkles, fleshy tummy try every cosmetic care to maintain their youthful looks. Almost everyone is trying to fight against this natural process. This shows that people are afraid to grow or scared of reaching another phase of life. Face lift, nose job, nip and tuck, tummy tuck, and many other cosmetic surgeries have made people think of renewing their life. It is not only celebrity or media personalities but common people also have deep urge to re-invent their looks all the time. However, this fad which gives a certain charm and enchantment to our looks can never be equal with natural beauty. However, even though one can avoid ones outer look, they cannot deny the fact that they are getting older from within as well.

— Anju Pokharel,


These permanent modifications that people make is a way of omitting what nature has given them. First they change the size of their nose, to match their nose they change their lips, after that eyes, then finally due to unsatisfied human nature they completely change themselves to something unnatural (which is always worse) and become unrecognisable in the society. I think it is loss of time, wealth, self-respect, self-confidence and everything that they have. Its like playing with your own body like they used to play with dolls during childhood. That’s why people may believe that Michael Jackson handsome but I don’t recommend people to go for such plastic surgery and treatments. Everybody is beautiful and handsome, there is always someone who may accept you as the most beautiful or handsome person in this world, a perfect person.

— Suraz Kayastha,

St Xavier’s College

Its in human nature, the want to look good, to be beautiful, but most people loose that with time, it is a part of nature and we have to accept that. This nipping and tucking, in my opinion are for those who are not confident of themselves and never accept themselves for what they are. At first you fix one thing after that’s done you see another and it goes on until you spoil yourself. So the best thing to do is to accept yourself for who you are not what you want to make of yourself, don’t look at others and look for what you don’t have rather look in yourself to find what you have that others don’t. After all beauty lies in your heart not in your appearance, is it not? If you really want to be beautiful nip and tuck the bad stuffs you have in your heart and soul and not your body. Then you’ll be the most beautiful or handsome person in the universe.

— Rakesh Pradhan

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ so I don’t think it is an compulsion to undergo skin surgeries to show ones so called ‘beauty’ than what one naturally has. Whether it is male or female they don’t only seem to care about fashion at the cost of their health. Of course cutting skin, tightening them or removing skin is harmful. Ones personality evolves from ones attitude and thinking. The main question is why to vie for so called beauty which will leave side effects and doesn’t really give you really the essence of beauty. Try to believe in what you have and value it. It is foolish to chase beauty in this artificial world, if you give value to yourself and what you have beauty will of course follow you.


Natural beauty is best, but in the 21st century people give first preference to looks so everyone is eager to look more beautiful than others. Nip n tuck says it all, but in my view operating on sensitive skin is not right, we can rather use cosmetics as per the skin type. In case cosmetics don’t work then obviously surgery is the next option, to succeed in life we should be beautiful and look smart.

— Deena

The rise in the popularity of cosmetic surgery signifies the craving for perfection and an impregnable attraction towards beauty which is an inherent weakness of human nature. The simple wish to look better started with use of natural beauty enhancers like flower colours for lipsticks and black soot as kaajal in ancient era and today has taken the shape of the super-colossal cosmetics industry. Even this couldn’t suffice the thirst for beauty, and that lead the way to these cosmetic and corrective surgeries which gives a promise of better face and figure. So we can’t blame people undergoing such surgeries because it’s a means of getting a simple wish come true, neither can we blame the surgeons who perform surgeries because it’s their bread and butter. So all we are left with to put blames on is a world which blindly appreciates a beautiful face and figure over a beautiful nature. So rather than thinking about liberations and confinements of these artificial means we should train ourselves to appreciate imperfection and a natural face instead of being smitten by a beautiful mask.

— Anica Shah

Undergoing the surgery is not bad at all. As Rakhi Sawant said, “Doctors give what God didn’t give.” Surgery is important. One should do a little research about the doctor, know about his last five or ten surgeries and find out how it went. Read his reviews and testimonies. Find out more about his practice than anything else in this whole planet as you are selecting him to change you, your life.

— Sick Man

Cosmetic surgeries act as both bane and boon for people. For someone who has suffered an extensive burn, it helps resurrect his morale; for a child born with a cleft lip, it gives a new look; for a victim of an acid wash, it gives a new lease on life and for a desperate person who wants to get his nose straightened, it pumps up his ego. Sophisticated and expensive, these surgeries are being used by the upper elite to look better and shape up their bodies. From chest to waist, from nose to toes, there is not an area that has been untouched by the knife. But in a place like ours where people can not manage money to undergo even essential life-saving surgeries, these luxurious kinds should not be encouraged.

— Salil Pradhan, Nakhipot

Beauty is nothing it is simply an illusion, there is no particular definition of beauty. It changes with time. What a person thinks of as beautiful, for another person it may not be a thing of beauty. A time was there when a lady having thin lips was considered beautiful. But now there is a craze for having lips like that of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. In this way, how long can we go on changing our looks. If we go crazy about changing our looks and undergo one surgery after another then a day will come when we will fail to recognise ourselves. Changing looks is not as important as we feel. The most important thing is to develop a sense of humanity. If our actions and deeds are socio-centric and serve for the cause of human welfare hat give us tremendous satisfaction and adds beauty in us. Thus I feel it is sheer wastage of time and money to spend huge sum on cosmetic surgery. Instead of wasting money in such a meaningless way it would be better to invest those amount for the welfare of needy and hungry people and get blessings from them. Let us keep in mind that outer beauty can be increased only by increasing inner beauty such as compassion and love.

— Ambika Pandey,


Looking beautiful or handsome is the new craze among the people these days. To acquire beauty people get ready to spend huge amounts from their hard earned money. Until few years back there were beauty parlours to serve people and their interests. But now we can see a new technology — cosmetic surgery emerging out as a new fashion trend. Despite being very painful and expensive this technology has been widely accepted in western countries. New technology is slowly invading eastern minds also. With the help of this technology one can change the look thoroughly. From eyes to nose and jawbone to cheekbone everything part of human body can be corrected through surgery. However, it is not justifiable to waste huge sum of money for just getting our looks changed. Since re-correcting surgery makes us slave of knife for life and snatches away our self-confidence too. So it would be wise to remain away from such technology.

— Eklaxmi Nepal