PEOPLESPEAK: Nurture scores over nature

There has been a stringent debate against the two schools of thought as long as we can remember. However, in my opinion I believe that both play a crucial role in the development of the personality of the child.

— Misar Lamichhane

The environment shapes them to be the personalities that we know them as. A person brought up in an educated, well-cultured and disciplined environment builds up a personality of his own and a positive attitude towards life. We have seen how people change as they enter adulthood. Depending on the kind of environment that they are brought up in, they determine the course of their life. Even a person considered to be of mediocre intelligence turns into an intelligent person provided he is brought up in a healthy environment.

— Prajjwal Malla

I think it is nurture that shapes one’s character rather than nature. The way you are brought up in and the environment strongly influence your attitudes and way of thinking. Only to cite an example, a few days ago while I was visiting Pashupatinath temple, I saw small street-children pestering passers-by for a few rupees. Many such children are often seen smoking and drinking alcohol from the money they collect throughout the day. But they wouldn’t have become one among the this lot had they received adequate parenting.

— Asmita Adhikari

As a potter moulds a lump of clay into beautiful shapes, parents can play an equally vital role in shaping the personality of their children. Parents are the most important teachers a child could have. So in my opinion nurture plays the fundamental role in building up a child’s personality.

— Birendra Shrestha ‘Deepankara’

People inherit some genetic characteristic from their parents, but these qualities can be developed if they are guided properly during childhood. And where could a child learn more than with parents with whom he establishes the first acquaintance? Parents are credited if the child turns out to be exceptional and share the blame if they turn out to be bad. Hence, though there are chances that the child inherits something from nature but it is the latter that shapes their personality.

— Novice

I think nurture plays a greater role in shaping one’s personality though nature has its own role to play. Upbringing as concluded by many psychologists is the major factor that shapes one’s personality. I don’t think a man with whatsoever inborn qualities s/he has could employ it for some benevolent purposes unless he perfectly understands the implications of his actions.

— I-Use

In my view, nurturing plays a key role in building one’s character. The environment that the family provides and the environment of a society are of crucial importance. Again, the quality of education plays an equally important role.

— Saroj Burtel

Obviously, nurture has the dominating influence over nature in shaping one’s personality. A person’s character and behaviour is the direct outcome of his/her nourishing environment. And, this shapes the overall character and personality of a person.

— Pramir Maharjan

In my view, we can shape our personality by acquiring the traits that are considered worthy of conduct. While the argument whether nature or nurture has a more important role continues, I would still like to believe that one could still overcome the barriers and shape a personality of one’s own. And above both the schools of thought, I think discretion is the virtue that is more important.

— Samir Dahal

Personality is something one can develop with one’s own conscious effort. The existing structure of society, family background, level of education, et cetera has some influence but only to a small extent. We can see many great people, who’ve been brought up in impoverished conditions but later develop a personality worthy to emulate.

— HK Maharjan

I strongly believe that, the environment that a person is brought up in influences that person’s ersonality. Though I can’t disregard completely the importance of the theory of inheritance, the influence of environment cannot be denied. If a person is brought up in a community other than that of his parents, he is likely to inherit characters not very similar to his parents.

— Ujjwal Poudel

That heredity plays a vital role in shaping a personality cannot be denied. Nevertheless, it is the environment that ultimately shapes one’s character. Behaviours, characters and ersonalities of people around them influence every individual. S/He might then by conscious r unconscious effort emulate them, which later would later be the individual’s habit. And when t becomes a habit, it shows conspicuously in one’s character.

— Shertok Lama