Peoplespeak : Spread the word, multiply the good deeds

If you want to do good things for others, then don’t say or advertise about what you are going to do for charity or what you have done for people. If you are doing this, then it is believed that you were doing everything for the attention. Do good deeds for others but don’t spread news about it yourself. If someone recognises your good deeds, then people will know about your effort.

— Sohani Tuladhar

I believe that good deeds such as charity must be highlighted so that many people can learn from them. There are some people who are not interested in doing such charity, so the word of good deeds done by others must be spread through various means such as TV, radio. Famous celebrities who are involved in charity programmes should be highlighted so that people are encouraged and motivated by their idols.

— Sushobhit Pokharel

I believe in statement ‘Let not the left hand know what the right hand does.’ It is not necessary that we go and show off what we did for other. If we have done any good thing that needs to be appreciated, it automatically will be. And about the good things we have done to be followed, if people have the feeling from inside to do charity, they don’t need to be inspired by others.

— Samana Gairhe

In my opinion, good deeds must be highlighted because it becomes a source of inspiration for others who want to do charity but has no idea about it. In the history of Nepal, contributions made by national personalities are admired even today. Charity in the true sense is a praise-worthy deed which should be appreciated and all must learn something from it. It helps people understand that only spending extravagant amount in paying homage to god is not a great deed but only done for peace of their own mind. In fact, charity gives pleasure not only to the donor but to the receiver as well as to others who learn about it.

— Aagya Dahal

Good deeds are things that make a human a human. Many people do charity work confidentially. Though, there may be a good reason to hide some charities as in vital organs donated by someone in hospital at the time of his/her death, it would better to spread word about it. It should be highlighted and let the people know what good things are because humans learn and earn from surrounding.

— Umesh Chaudhari, Nepalgunj

I don’t think one’s good deeds must be highlighted in the community simply because of charity. Those who really have the heart and understand the problem of the people donate without expecting to get famous. We donate to help people and not to get famous. There is no need to spread the message of good deeds where people understand the need of the needy.

— Tek Kunwar

Who in this imposing world doesn’t like to be admired? Who is sick of appreciations? Every human being loves to be liked by people. Thus they do charity, things that are praiseworthy so that they become worth mentioning. Obviously superior deeds must be highlighted but not by the doer himself/herself. Charity is something that a person does from his conscience, his compassion. Definitely charity needs to be done and also should be highlighted but not in a sense that a person does charity to get appreciated in vain.

— Pranit Sharma

I believe it is unnecessary to expose the good works done by any individual. It is not necessary for a person to give few rupees to a beggar only when he sees someone else giving. If he has got something good within him and has a motive to serve, he will give it himself and there should not be any one to motivate or inspire him for it. If the good works are highlighted, there arises the feeling of jealousy among other members of society.

— Dwaipayan Regmi,


I believe in transparency, so good deeds must be highlighted so they are emulated by others in society thus spreading the chain of good deeds especially among the new generation and new Nepal.

— Maj GB Gurung (Retd)

Charity is a feeling that should arise from our hearts. Such a thing should be pure, heart touching and exemplary. It is not anything bad that we have to hide in our hearts so why not let others know about something that we and others can benefit from? On one hand we earn name, fame and good reputation, and we can even be a source of inspiration for others. Some people might even become envious of our prestige and automatically they will follow suit. And so the earth will be full of people who are liberal, generous and sympathetic.

— Kopila Bsam

In this twenty-first century, I totally disagree with the statement ‘Let not your right hand know what your left hand does.’ Highlighting the good deeds of a person has two positive aspects. On one hand it is good for the person who does such good deeds, because they deserve to be appreciated. On the other hand, it can serve hugely as a source of inspiration which will ultimately be emulated by many people in society.

Had not the good deeds and ideologies of renowned personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, Abraham Lincoln and others been highlighted, the views of general people would have not undergone positive transition and we would not have social workers in our society.

— Chayan Hada,

New Baneswore

It’s true that people want to earn name and fame in a short period of time either by their own efforts or by either by doing some works in the name of charity? But charity doesn’t mean popularity. It is kindness or affection towards the needy and one can do this without highlighting what they have done. People should do such works in the belief, ‘Let not the left hand know what the right hand does.’

— Suvekchhya Upadhaya

A person who does good deeds doesn’t need to highlight his/her work because God knows what a wonderful person s/he is. They don’t need the appreciation from others for doing what s/he does from the bottom of the heart. After all good or bad, all deeds will finally will be known to the world in course of time.

— Nirmita Hada,

Min Bhawan

We are continuously inspired by the good works of others and I believe good words should be made known to everyone. However, the media should be careful in bringing forth such people and make sure they are not wearing the mask of charity and trying to gain cheap popularity and respect from it. Hence, real charity by any person or organisation has to be recognised so that it will inspire other people to carry out the same sort of works, making society bounded together by a chain of good deeds.

— Rajendra Prasad Pangeni

Good deeds and worthy actions are highly highlighted in society. It is a kind of inspiration to other members of society. If anybody does such works, the other members will be inspired to follow it. Then such a work will form a chain in society. Even I have done my share for society. I gave scholarships to poor students in the school where I was a principal. I gave private coaching without charging anything and the students passed with good scores in SLC and also succeeded in their future ventures. Now those students have become capable of contributing to society and nation.

— Mohan Narshing Shrestha, Kupondol

In the present context, people regard celebrities as their source of inspiration. We are all affected either positively or negatively by what they do. When they do good works, people follow them and when they do bad works even that is copied. Hence, good deeds must be highlighted. This will surely spread the chain of good deeds.

— Krishma Maharjan

If one does good deeds, whether it is charity or volunteering, one should highlight it. Some people might think that a person is a show off, but seeing someone do such works, eventually it will increase the number of people doing good deeds and charity.

— Sugina

‘Let not the left hand know what right hand does’ is the quotation from the Bible. This teaching of Jesus comes in the context of giving. What is the intention behind giving is the essential question behind charitable work. Is it not natural to spread the news of our generous work? When Mother Teresa started her mission among the destitute in Kolkata, the whole world recognised it. Was it for fame? No! When she was interviewed about the motivation for her social work she said, “I see Jesus in the face of poor people.” The question of how we give is less important than why we give. Many people today are giving for recognition and not because they really love the needy. We need to give because God has given us to give away to others whatever we have — money, time, talent, love, care et cetera.

— Manoj Pradhananga, Kushunti

I do agree with the saying, ‘Let not the left hand know what the right hand is doing.’ But, in today’s context, it’d be better if the works of charity are displayed for the world to see. ‘Good deeds’ are not just good deeds to be done, they are also something that people can be inspired from and something people can follow. But this applies only to charity done out of compassion, not as a popularity stunt.

— Rhea Gurung,


I think people doing good deeds should be brought to the forefront once their good deeds have achieved positive results. It will give a chance to others to follow this path and improve themselves. Also, those who do good things are appreciated and valued for their work and their contributions. Such works gives an idea to others as to how to do good deeds for the society which will create a chain in society.

— SP Panday, Gongabu

‘Let not the left hand know what the right hand does.’ Indeed that’s how charity should be done. Charity or a good deed should be done in a pure manner. Someone who does it should have the sole aim of serving the needy and not be interested to garner praise and publicity from society. Yet some people believe that charity should be publicised in order to be emulated by others. But that shouldn’t be the attitude of people who wants to give to others.

— Pramathesh Nandan

Good works should be highlighted and people should know about them so that they also do such good works even if it just for the reason of being jealous or envying the other person. But a line should be maintained so that the work is highlighted and not the person who does it.

— Pooja Lama

I think good works should be highlighted because if we highlight our good works other people may learn the same from us. There are different types of people, while some people are honest there are rude ones too, sharing such information with them may motivate them to do good deeds too. People should never boast about doing such things but feel content doing it.

— Riju Regmi, St Joseph’s School