PEOPLESPEAK : The power of one

The biggest problem in the world is our own selfishness. Thinking positively, accepting circumstances, involving ourselves in welfare activities and continuously striving to save the world can achieve peace. When you are satisfied with these activities then everyday you will experience a peaceful world. Finally, “I have to change myself rather than force others to change” is the principle that should be followed.

Manoj Shrestha

As John Lennon’s sang “Imagine”, I believe I am a dreamer. I dream of a place where there is no heaven and no hell, and I am not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us. If only I could preach the aspiration of positive thinking and the ramifications evolved thereby. I believe I can bring peace in this world by creating a great musical rhythm that is spiritual, yet congruent to the present and that would make the world reckon about the last thing you had done in anger — was it necessary? Rajeev Tajhya, GBS

As an individual I can do many things to bring peace in a world filled with problems. I can appeal to the politicians to reform peace. I can attend rallies, seminars about peace that can pressure the concerned party morally. I can sacrifice my individual selfishness and consider collective good. I can fight morally with these elements. I can use my pen to pave the way for peace. I can use my mind. Moreover, I can raise the slogan of brotherhood. This way, as an individual, I can do much to bring peace in my country.

Kritan Sapkota, Asian Pharmaceuticals

The world is filled with problems like; war, crime, violence, terror etc. No individual can solve these problems alone. An individual’s goal to bring peace in the whole world is quite ridiculous. As an individual we can only commit that we won’t involve ourselves in the activities that breach peace. If every individual in the world did that then peace would automatically be restored. Tej Prasad Paudel, JMC, Pokhara

As an individual, I can bring peace in a world filled with problems by not supporting the problems or the problem creators. Sakir Shrestha

As individuals, we have the power to bring peace in this chaotic world. It would be better for us if we tried to solve our internal conflicts first. We could raise our voice for peace in whatever ways possible. It could well be a peace rally, a peace campaign, peace awareness and awareness regarding consequences of violence. As a Nepali, I would request the people to know what they are fighting for and ponder upon the ways to achieve their goals. There are better and more civilised ways to put forward ones agenda and not just violence.

Laxman Gurung, Maharajgung, Chakrapath

Peace is a basic need. To make the environment peaceful, one should feel it. I would bring peace to the world by asking people to think and live peacefully. I would also advise people to follow Buddha. Bipul Pokharel

Problems are a part of our life. Let us not listen to the disturbances and firing of guns. Let us together close our eyes and listen to our heart and we will get the answer. “Peace”, “Love” and “Unity”. Samikchya Shahi, New Road, Pokhara

Peace can be brought in so many ways. Peace is hidden in the inner mind. There are so many examples of great people who brought peace in the world. Great people such as Gautam Budhha, Bhrikuti and Ashoka preached peace.

Ganesh Niraula, Birgunj

Every individual wants to live in peace and harmony. When a person is at peace the world is at peace. To make the world a peaceful place, our heart must be at peace. Abhinay, IT Sky Computer

All people must commit to peace and its principles. If every individual thinks of the world and commits their life to it, there would be a solution to every problem. You and I can convince people that we can bring peace in the world and fill it with love and compassion. Santosh Shrestha, Nepal Health Research Council, Ramshah Path

A peaceful heart and mind gives birth to creativity and creativity leads us to our destination. In this regard, to bring peace in this world, first of all our heart and mind should be peaceful only then we can think properly. A disturbed mind frustrates and leads to failure, whereas with a peaceful mind we can achieve what we desire. Hence, to bring peace in this world we must posses a peaceful heart. Pravin Rimal, Bhatbhatteni

It is very difficult to bring peace from an individual’s effort. If a group of individuals share mutual understanding, joint effort can create public awareness about the importance of peace all over the world. Deepika Sakha

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. If an individual tried to do something to bring peace in his area then like him, there are millions who want to do something for their country. To bring peace in this world I would first try to avoid problems. We avoided making mistakes and creating problems, we might have a better chance at peace. Sushil Thapa,

BBA, Shanker Dev Campus

If an individual is at peace, his/her family will be at peace. When the families are at peace, the society is at peace. Ultimately, the nation and the world will be a better place by just keeping our peace individually. Krishna Nepal, Chandol

The feeling of peace should come from within. Not just feeling and thoughts, even actions of a single person can contribute to maintaining peace. The steps should start from home. Don’t listen to your radio or television at full volume. We need patience. Rajendra Prasad Pangeni,


When a person’s heart is at peace, it signifies that the nation is at peace. So an individual at peace means the community is at peace. When I find peace in my heart, I find the world in peace. Ravi Bista

As an individual nobody can do anything because for the completion of any task whether big or small there is a need for togetherness and unity. To bring peace in this world the word “I” must be eradicated and the voice of word “WE” must be established. The main cause for the violence and war is everyone thinking for self only. As an individual, I can just pray for peace.

Renuka Silwall, AVM, Godavari

A single person cannot bring peace in the world but he can start individually. If every person thinks positively and with a selfless heart, peace is there. Self is the root cause of violence, which can never let peace live. So, first “kill self” and live with peace.

Suraj Kumar Neupane, Siraha

The world starts from me. My thoughts, my attitude, my behaviour and my ability. If my heart is at peace, all the world is at peace. It can be made peaceful by an effort of an individual’s peace and devoted mind for world peace.

Bandana Subedi, BSc, Tri Chandra College

One voice can start a revolution. An individual can lead to world peace. Unless you have peace, nothing can bring it to you. Therefore if individual’s heart is at peace and all these hearts come together then definitely world peace wouldn’t be far from us. Above all you cannot think of a peaceful world until its constituents meet at a point along with perceptions and thoughts. Eren

I want to request the concerned authorities to help us Nepalis get the same prosperity. We can re-launch peace by our joint efforts and the support of concerned authorities.

Razendra Thakurathi, Alfa Beta Institute, New Baneshwor

Peace can be brought in this world with the effort of an individual. Isn’t the world composed of innumerable individuals? An enemy becomes a good friend when your heart is in exaltation. You enjoy soothing melody even in the noise of a crowd. If your heart is in at peace, the world is at peace as well.

Yadav Khaling Rai

Spiritualism among people will bring love and affection for one another. Materialism is important for economic development but it cannot travel without spiritualism. With spiritualism, hearts will be sincere and honest. They will not cheat but love and help one another. Then the world will be at peace.

Mohan Norshingh Shrestha, Kupondol

World peace can only happen when the regional peace is maintained. Let the governing job be left for government. As an individual I would like to work or express myself in the region in such a way that my acts and expression become parallel to the most deserving protocol of the region.

Sanjeev Kharel, Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu

People worry and stress themselves. How we can bring peace to a world depends on how we psychologically deal with them. My way of dealing with a whole lot of problems is first by calming myself and remembering my good old adage “this too shall pass, nothing lasts forever, either I perish or the problems. Whatever happens, has to happen and happens for good”. Susan Pradhan

As an individual, if I believe in changing myself, my attitude, thoughts, perception positively. We can make a better place to live in. We can’t seek peace outside unless we have it in our heart. Look for change within not without.

Baibhav Kharel, Management Campus, PU

Peace in itself is a piece. I, as a person, can work hard to assist the Maoist as well as the party leaders see that there is no peace in money and the chair of power. Peace is eternal. If you believe in yourself, then you are at peace. If hundreds of people believe that their heart is at peace, then the world as well as Nepal is at peace.

Nitesh Pant

As an individual, the most important step I will take is to try and make impure hearts pure. I can take a chance towards the true path and let people know that they can be happy only when peace exists. It’s not at all fair that instead of solving our problems, we dissolve them into crimes and wars.

Rakhee Jain, Maitidevi, Kathmandu

The fact that today’s world is filled with problems is because elements of respect, tolerance, content and sensitivity, are missing. Being human, humanity is alien to us. The positive energy in us is inert. A sincere thought of respect and tolerance can better the world around us. Prerna, Lazimpat

If we develop moral character and spread the message of love and peace then the world will be peaceful. I have already thrown away feelings of hatred from my heart and I have a heart full of love, how about you? I am at peace, you stay cool and finally the world will be peaceful.

Pradeep Sapkota, Babar Mahal

An individual has a crucial role in bringing peace. This can be derived through realistic approach, positive attitude and feeling of mercy for every creature in this world. Another is acceptance, which is the capacity to be patient in the face of adversity. We cannot change other people. Acceptance increases our capacity to see what is true and to live in harmony with this.

Pralhad Giri, Youth Forum, NTV Metro

The world consists of individuals. If an individual can create problems in this world then why cannot an individual not create peace? Saddam Hussain caused so much violence and Bin Laden was behind September 11. Why can’t we as individuals help bring peace and prosperity in this world?

Bijay Dhungana, Gattaghar, Bhaktpur

Only proper dialogue can bring peace in the world. Dialogue means compromise, listening to

another’s view and respecting another’s rights.

Ngodup Tashi Lama, Kantipur Valley College

Peace is a commitment that can be achieved only after maintaining moral, ethical, social and financial discipline. In this context the role of any individual remains vital. Being a member of the society I, as an individual, can play the role of a crusader of peace through moral and ethical preaching.

Ambika Pandey, Chitwan

One must take the initiative for peace. All I can do is developing and maintain a positive attitude and inspire others to adopt the same. I should have faith first in radicalism in order to be an ultimate achiever of change and make others to follow the same path.

Sanjesh Silwal, Tikathli, Narkatae

I can try to contribute to peace in the world by maintaining peace in my heart. I can promote secu-rity, harmony and understanding around me.

Kreeti Bhandari

Let’s not have impossible dreams. We cannot change others. First you must be at peace. Hurt no one. Then your friends will see how happy and harmless you are. They will try to follow you. This process will go on and in a decade or two the world will have only peaceful human beings. So, change yourself, set an example, and you will find the whole world at peace some day.

Amigosh Shrestha