PEOPLESPEAK : Too warm for comfort

Readers offer innovative ideas and old wisdom as to how to keep your cool this summer.

Summer affects people of the Terai regions more than those living in the hilly areas in Nepal. If not victory over nature then at least some measures to deal with the heat are to be adopted; we must make the use of fans, coolers etc. Growing plants help control carbon dioxide supplying sufficient oxygen hence making the air breathable, drinking Lots of water and juices is recommended too.

Arjun P Bhandari, Chitwan, Chowkbazar.

Summer is at its peak and the ways to deal with the heat are:

1) We should emphasise more on drinking water and fresh seasonal fruits and salads.

2) Wear light cotton clothes, and open sandals instead of closed shoes.

3) Wear sunscreen, sun caps and carry an umbrella as protection from the UV rays.

Kaushal Timila, New Baneshwor

The hottest summer days are here and there are various kinds of people in the nation and every one cannot afford modern amenities to deal with the summer heat but yet we can definitely resort to drinking lots of water and juices and eat seasonal fruits like watermelon, litchis etc. Wear light cotton clothes cool. Carry an umbrella as a protection from the sun’s rays. Even swimming is a good option to keep oneself cool, but if it is unaffordable for one bathing frequently can help.

Bhesh Raj Timilsina, Koteshwor

During summers one has to take enough precautions from sunburn as well as health hazards caused by summer for especially those who work outdoors. Carrying an umbrella or wearing a sun cap is good, wearing cotton clothes can help. Instead of having spicy foods have lots of fruits and drink plenty of water and juices. Taking frequent baths is refreshing too.

Manoj Shrestha

The sun that wakes you up in the wee hours of the morning indicates that summer is here.

Summer is also a time of fun and frolic, people throng ice creams parlours as they do the fruit markets because they are means of keeping oneself cool. The negative aspect of it is that the extreme heat the world is experiencing is due to Global Warming, the experts may take care of it but we definitely can take to measures like bathing daily. Wearing light clothes, avoiding oily creams and sun caps are a good option, drinking lots of water is a must. Another good idea is going for a vacation to a hill resort.

Dilip Dacchepati, Pulchowk Campus

Drink plenty of water and juices, bathe daily, cut your intake of tea though, and carry an umbrella as a shed from the sun.

Ekata Upreti

The best way to beat the heat is.....??? Hm... Go for juju curd and swimming and have loads of fun.

Saroj Tuladhar, Goa

We can use fans, we can wear sun caps and drink plenty of water and juices to beat the heat or else take a mat and lay under the tree, happy summers!

Puran, Lazimpat

I agree that it is very hot these days and very difficult for those who have to work and labor and be outdoors, here are some ways one can deal with the heat in order to beat it we must have a rest house built or there can be parks having benches with a parasol with the help of a social club, even street children can use these rest houses for sleeping at night, next to the rest there should be a tap water facility for drinking or use etc. and there should be some innovative ideas put to practice for the welfare of the people to handle not just the odds of summer but the hostile forces of nature for other seasons.

Binay Rai, Ghattakulo

We are on the threshold of the “hottest days” of this year’s summer. Even in the scorching heat of the day, one has to work and move hither and thither for his livelihood. But there is a way of beating the heat if we keep the following in mind and follow them to cope up with the

up with the bewildering high temperature and enjoy your summers:

Take at least two cool showers a day, they will keep you vigilant and energetic throughout the day. Lemonade can be prepared (1half lemon squeezed with sugar and water) which could keep you refreshed and of course ample water should be drunk to avoid dehydration. Wear light, cotton clothes. Carry an umbrella as a shed from the sun’s rays, follow out these tips and see it work magic for you!

Vipul Kabra

Given the very hot days this summer the only thing that we can do is adjust with the present condition but we can definitely follow some measures to keep the heat at bay:

Drinking juices and having ice creams could help. Going swimming with friends could also be done, wearing cotton clothes and having baths daily are a must.

Rakesh Shrestha

Summer is the warmest season of the year. Summer lasts from June to August in the northern parts of the world. During this season, our body begins perspiring profusely and our clothes remain dirty and we suffer body odour. We can deal with the heat to some degree through contemporary means though, we can have cold drinks, ice creams fruits such as cucumber, water melon etc. Wearing cotton clothes carrying an umbrella, having a bath every day may be beneficial. The use of fans and air coolers are a must too. Global warming has become a problem now, which is rendering a lot to the temperature rise, to avoid it the use of carbon dioxide must be limited so forestry plantation in the empty areas should be done widely. Rivers, ponds, pools, wells etc. should be kept clean. Therefore, there should be an awareness of conserving the environment in every individual.

Rajendra Lama

One can follow the steps below to beat the heat:-

1.One can drink lots water (7 to 8 litres per day), eat lots of seasonal fruits like watermelons, cucumbers and litchies etc.

2. Avoid outdoor tasks in the daytime rather keep it for the mornings and the evenings. 3.Take an umbrella with you while going out, it help act as a shed from the direct rays of the sun.

4. Wear sunglasses that suit your comfort and style.

5. Wear thin, light coloured cotton dresses.

6. Take regular baths at least twice a day.

Swastik Bajracharya, Kalanki

To beat the summer heat one can follow these tips:

a) Drink lots of fluids and eat seasonal fruits.

b) Bathe daily.

c) Remain outdoors only in the mornings and the evenings and carry an umbrella with you when you’re out!

d) Take seats next to the windows on vehicles.

e) Exercise daily as this helps for a better blood circulation.

Aalu, Dhunga adda, Tinthana

It has been hotter than the past summers and this could be due to global warming, I presume! Well, here are some tips to follow to beat the heat:

1) Take regular baths to prevent body odour and perspiration

2) Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration as the body sweats a lot

3) Wear light cotton clothes rather than dark and heavy ones.

4) Take a cover like an umbrella to keep your head protected from direct heat when you are outdoors.

Murari Thakur, Janakpur (Murali Chowk)