PEOPLESPEAK: True friendship possible in cyber world

Most of our readers feel true friendship and finding one’s soulmate on the net is possible. What they warn others to be careful of are the fakes cause they say fakes are teeming in this cyber space

I met my boyfriend through the net. It’s been two years that I’ve been going steady with him. I believe him to be my soulmate. But it is not only but many others who’ve found their soul mates via the net. However, I recommend others to be cautious before taking the ultimate plunge.

— Preeti Shrestha

People use the Internet for purposes other than what it is intended for. Recently it has become more of an appendix and people are pathologically hooked to it, most of the time chatting and making e-friends. It has brought about a revolution in the way people communicate. Relationships built on the net are mostly frivolous, but there are instances the Internet culture has influenced the way we perceive relationships.

— Sushant Satyal

Love can flourish in the most adverse of situations. No matter what the conditions, genuine relationships are not influenced by how they take shape. In that sense, Internet is a good place for the relationships to flourish. Love is the most intriguing of mysteries and it’s no surprise if it happens in cyber space.

— Richa Bhattarai

The idea of searching for a soul mate on the net is absurd. If someone believes in the idea of finding a soul mate on the net, it can’t be any better than arranged marriages where you marry the person you’ve never known.

— Suzee

With times, everything changes and so do the way relationships are formed. Internet has made it easier for us to stay in touch with loved ones. If that’s the way you can get friends, there shouldn’t be a hitch. I have seen instances where most people even get duped when the users fake their identities. But if the users are cautious enough that alone shouldn’t be the reason to discourage the whole idea.

— Dhruba Sharma

Earlier we made pen pals. But with the advent of Internet, it’s not surprising if we make friends through Internet. I’ve found many instances where as many people have made friends as they would have through letters and mere acquaintance. Not everyone in this world is depraved. The pros would weigh as much as cons in other circumstances. Through chatting we exchange our feelings of happiness and sorrow, and one who shares it can’t be that bad after all. So I believe that we can meet true friends because it’s through my own experience of trying a hand at it. 

— Sunibha Kayastha

I think that to meet the true friends and the soul mate is not so possible in the virtual world. Most of those that we encounter in chat rooms are not reliable because they give fake identities. If anything exists at all, it’s only as long as our fingers remain on the keyboards. The kind of flirtation usual in chat rooms provides a catharsis but that’s just it. Genuine relationships cannot be made in chat rooms.

— Chandika Sapkota

Especially when the modern generation is getting increasingly net savvy, finding one’s soul mate on the net has become common. Those who have always feared direct confrontation can easily chat away their heart. This, of course, has made it possible for them to take the ultimate leap. It may take a long time for chat friends to become soul mates, it is the best possible step to building a long lasting relationship.

— Gautam Pradeep

Yes, we can find a soul mate as they say in this virtual world because people have changed. People think that love can be in any form and they fall in love in the net, which is great.

— Abhee

Technology has indeed dominated our lifestyle and the way we perceive relationships. As a result, most youngsters are hooked on to the Internet, who chat away their entire day even making online proposals. But, this I believe is just another way that youngsters entertain themselves. I don’t think one ever finds the so-called soul mate in the virtual world of cyber fanatics. As far as true friend is concerned, there are many who’ve found them through Internet chatting.

— Subhaya Basnyat

I agree that it’s possible for Internet users to find their soul mates, but it’s necessary for them to get to know each other in person. Besides, the feeling of belonging never happens unless they find if they would be compatible living together.

— Babukaji KC

We do have abundant examples assert that finding one’s soul mate on the net is absolutely possible and chatting turned out to be strong enough to tie the knot between hearts. Though it starts as fun, it has in many instances developed strong relationships. For me, it’s a changing culture that we are slowly adapting ourselves to.

— Suresh Bhatta

Chatting is more common with teenagers. On the positive side, this makes one know different people across the globe. But other than that one can never make sure if all the information provided is genuine. A genuine relationship is never possible based on false grounds.

— Pranav Gautam

I think it all depends on whether those involved do not fake identities. If both of them are honest and indeed enamoured of each other, it is possible for them to become true friends or even soul mates. But it’s more likely to get duped and cheated, as I myself am one of one of those victims.

— Sumit Pokhrel

We meet a lot of people in the chat rooms, but we can never be sure if we can become genuine friends. It is not possible for a person to meet his/her true friend. Some even change their gender forgets about the names. Most of them are out there to dupe every potential victim. It’s unlikely one will meet one’s soul mate in chat rooms.

— Deepa Singh

I find more possibilities of finding a true friend in a chat room. It’s just like making friends out of strangers. We share our feelings and even talk about our intimate problems. But there are more fakes than we can imagin. However, I believe people do find their soul mates in chat rooms.

— Ritu Shrestha

A true friend or thing like “soul mate” requires mutual exchange of emotions, which can never happen in the virtual world of chat rooms. The friendship that builds in chat rooms is at the most short lived. To find one’s soul mate requires a deep psychological understanding.

— Suraj Neupane

It is almost impossible for one to find a soul mate in chat rooms. How is it possible for people to become soul mates without even getting to know each other?

— Suraj Bhurtel

As far as finding true friends or soulmate through net is concerned, I am not very sure if one can find them in chat rooms. There are, however, a few exceptions. In a traditional society life ours, where parents still reserve the right to decide such matters, the idea is not practicable.

— Ambika Pandey