Peoplespeak : Unquenchable desires have turned ‘bad’ for us

I am fed up with practices such as bandhs and chakkajams that happen regularly, a trend that people have developed in order to fulfil their demands or pressurise the government and other agencies. Such activities have affected both the nation and individuals in a negative way. Normal life of the general public come to a standstill and they feel harassed during bandhs. How far is it justifiable to intervene and obstruct other people’s activities just to fulfil your own demands? So, steps should be taken to discourage such practices.

— Ambika Pandey,


‘Too much’ is said to be bad as it is said that even too much sugar tastes bitter. But I don’t believe in this old philosophy. I believe in the statement that if there is less, there might be problems of scarcity and choice, but if there is more one can use it in any manner as per their will. Problem of scarcity is there because there doesn’t exist ‘too much’. For instance, the fuel crisis is there because there isn’t ‘too much’ fuel available, or unemployment problem is there because there isn’t ‘too much’ of employment opportunities around.

Sometimes the problems may occur even when we have more than enough of something, like water. There is so much water in our country, however it has not been utilised properly. But at least an effort or plan can be made to utilise it. So, I think there isn’t any harm in having too much of anything.

— Dwaipayan Regmi,


I think we Nepalis can adjust a bit too excessively. We can adjust in any and every situation. There are hours of load shedding but that’s okay, we can adjust. There’s no drinking water, even that’s okay. There’s no fuel in vehicles, so what? We can walk or we can get a place in a crowded bus. There’s no fuel for cooking, no worries we have instant noodles. We can survive on it. So this quality that Nepalis have of adjusting has turned bad for us.

— Aneesha Bhattarai

In my opinion, modern machines and technological devices such as computers and mobiles are in excess today’s age and has turned bad for us. Though, these machines and technologies have made our life easier, these equipment may become troublesome in the future. In organisations, workers will be replaced by computers, which will create problems of unemployment. Everything will be done by computers and we will be fully dependent on it. Children and adults will be addicted to computer games and various programmes in the computer instead of reading books. Similarly, if people keep using mobiles, seeing their parents using it even young children will start demanding mobiles. And instead of reading, they will be listening to music, playing mobile games.

— Sushobhit Pokharel

‘Competition’ yes, it is competition for almost everything that is becoming a real trouble in today’s world. In the present world, we have to compete for everything. To get a job, to study in a good school or campus, to eat, to feed and not only these, for getting this article published also I have to compete with many other writers. This competition has caused various wars, quarrels and jealousy. If today’s people forget the competition and do their job with full effort then the world will be much better.

— Niranjan Udas

The circumstances prevalent these days has encouraged people to use ‘too much’ of anything, like various and delicious food items in the restaurant tempts customers to eat too much and so gain too much weight. It has become a fashion for the people to smoke and has turned them into heavy smokers with damaged lungs. Drinking too much alcohol has given rise to drunkards with heart problems. Not only drinking, smoking and eating, but wanting too much to the point that it goes out of limit is seen in other fields too. But going out of limit has bad repercussions as well. So too much of everything is bad.

— Mohan Narshingh Shrestha, Kupondol

In this materialistic world, we have too many wants. When one need is fulfilled another crops up. We are not happy with what we have been bestowed with and our unfulfilled wants may lead us to a state of depression too.

— Krisha Amatya

There’s no doubt that cell phones/mobiles have become very good means of communication. Cell phones have made the world smaller by bringing people together. But nowadays, people are using cell phones more as a fashion accessory. They spend extravagant amounts on buying expensive cells and has become a kind of competition. Sometimes, we ourselves feel ashamed to show our simple cells in front of the expensive cells. Cell phones have saved our time but sometimes missed calls from strangers, exchange of vulgar messages wastes our valuable time.

— Subha Dahal

There is a common saying, even sugar turns sour, when it’s taken too much. Too much of anything is harmful for everybody be it love, hatred, wealth, fame or freedom. In my opinion, something that has become too much in today’s age is ‘freedom.’ In every sphere of life social, political, economic or educational, too much freedom, mostly in urban areas, has brought many problems in our lives. Frequent bandhs, social crimes, murders are a result of freedom in the political aspect. Open economy, market monopoly, prices greater than MRP are some examples of freedom in economic scenario. Likewise, decreasing class attendance by students and increase in the number of class dropouts are the results of too much freedom in the educational field. ‘Freedom in everything’ has become a common motto for people. But in the course of getting freedom for oneself, the responsibility to respect the rights of freedom of others has gradually faded out. We must not forget right comes with responsibilities, freedom comes with some obligations.

— Alina Maharjan

I guess too much of vehicles is creating problems currently. There is scarcity of petroleum around the world. If the production of vehicles had some limitations a few years back, people would have given more value to vehicles, respected its importance and would have respected the rules of utilising the vehicles properly. Production of many vehicles has led to large number of buyers leading to more investments, more use of fuel- petroleum, more traffic-jams, ultimately a reason for more accidents, more quarrels and deaths. If there is a control over the production of vehicles, the fuel crisis could be controlled as well.

— Jatsha

I think we have too much of wants in today’s age and this has turned bad for us. To fulfil these unlimited wants, we go to such extents without thinking how it is affecting others. The unlimited wants of people are increasing rapidly due to which unplanned urbanisation has taken place. Though population and poverty can be controlled, human wants are beyond the control of anybody. So people should always keep in mind the saying, ‘reduce your wants, you will be rich.”

— Krishma Maharjan

There are many instances that prove that too much is really bad for us. ‘Money,’ isn’t it harmful? Activities like robbery occur because of the lure of money. In fact, people even kill one another for the sake of money. So people with limited assets are more joyful than those having too much. Another example is intake of excessive food. It makes person fat and lazy too, but a person with adequate diet is often vigorous. Therefore, having anything in excess has bad impacts.

— Aakash Parajuli,


In today’s age too much of jealousy has turned bad for us. Everyone is jealous of other’s wealth, beauty and success. Everyone wants to have more of everything than others. People don’t value what they have and this has lead to conflict, chaos and more hatred among us.

— Nirmita Hada

Too much of anything has proved to be dangerous in one’s life. In today’s age it has become a trend to focus only on one’s career rather than focusing on other aspects of life such as family or friends. People hardly have any time for loved ones. It’s because people are a bit too much focused on their professions, it is prone to lead to an unhappy life filled with misunderstanding and confusion which is obviously bad.

— T Limbu

Today is the age of competition. In each and every sector there is heavy competition for healthy things. Competition amongst girls to use cosmetics, competition to show off cell phones among youngsters, competition in business and heavy competition in the higher rates in educational institutes are some of the things which have become too much and has turned bad for us.

— Aagya Dahal, Jorpati

Too much of anything is bad, and that’s the very reason why we have the famous proverb, ‘too much sweet tastes bitter’. If we have enough of what we need that is better than having too much of it as things get worse when you have too much of anything. For example, if we have a plate of momo we can eat, but it but if we start having a lot more than that, we end up having stomach problems. As students and we all have given exams. If we have studied enough then we are confident, but sometimes having too much knowledge can confuse us. Even while cooking, using just the right amount of raw materials and heat, makes the food tasty and nutritious, but if we overcook it, the taste and nutritious value gets destroyed. If we exercise, we get healthier and stronger, but if we do it more than necessary we get too exhausted and our body may be affected in a negative way. So, we need to do everything in just the right amount, too much of it completely spoils it.

— Ashish

Too much of politics has been bad for us. Politics is the base for nation building. In fact, it is the most fundamental thing for nation building. We, haven’t seen much of real politics but the hollow framework based on completely individualistic and unrealistic motives. After 18 years of political changes all we have achieved is one big chaotic nation with too many deficiencies. Be it an unending long queue for fuel, price hikes, deconstructions, bombings, protests, bandhs. The so-called political revolutions have definitely given us a lot to ‘appreciate’ about. The changes of 2046 BS, and then the sudden monarchial seizure and now loktantra, ganatantra or whatever you would call it, we have definitely seen too much. Too much of hollow politics has not done us any good. It’s us who have been suffering from our own misjudgements and mistakes, which we haven’t considered seriously throughout all these years.

— Swekshya Adhikari

‘Too much’ of what we have in today’s age certainly has to be the use of Internet. The advancement of Internet has brought the world closer, and is an inevitable part of our daily lives. There’s no denying that Internet is very useful to us, but it has equally negative aspects too. Today, people are spending ample time surfing the Internet. They are so busy living in the virtual world that they forget to stay in touch with the real world. Life itself is busy these days and the Internet has made it even more hectic, not to mention the bad effects it has on our mental health. It has taken away the time that people could have used spending with their families or indulging themselves in refreshing activities like sports and music.

— Sadichchha Pokharel, Kupondole

Too much of modernisation has been a serious matter of global concern. People are facing several problems due to the consequences of modernisation. Global warming, ozone layer depletion are a few examples. About a century back, the world was longing for modernisation. However, the world is now trying hard to reduce modernisation.

— Dev Raj Adhikary

Men are unavoidably dependant on each other. It is too much of this inter-dependence, seeking approval and security in other’s eyes that has turned bad for us. How many times have we found a young man terrified and finally abandoning his dreams because only a few people or none at all have pursued it? He’s been told from birth that becoming a doctor or a CEO would bring about society’s approval. Who is to blame but the utter lack of ‘self’ and ‘herd mentality’ to derive strength from others rather than from within? What men inherit is only the end product of his predecessors’ thought-process and can improve upon it with his own motivation and courage. He can’t create and achieve with a borrowed dream or spirit. All great ideas, inventions and discoveries are the creations of free minds, fiercely independent in their actions. Fed on the power of their ‘spirit’ or ‘self’ and possessed of an uncompromising integrity, he strives on and creates. These men are widely criticised and

often sacrificed. On the other hand, civilisations have ended in pools of blood every time religion-mongers, traditionalists and emperors have made a claim for a ‘common good.’ These are the people who are dependant on others approvals to establish their virtuosity.

— Pramathesh Nandan

Science and technology have brought about a new revolution in today’s world and Internet is one of its contributions. ‘Sugar also tastes bitter if we have too much of it.’ Similarly, Internet is being haphazardly used in today’s age. Internet has not only been used as a source of information and communication but instead it is being used as a pastime which makes people forget their duties and responsibilities. Hence, it must be used in the right way so that it remains a boon of science not as a curse.

— Puja Shrestha, Thamel

As per the today’s requirement, the word ‘too much’ is good in an individual’s life. It’s all because of these words ‘too much’ that will lead a person to do something. It will lead him towards achieving greater than those who ‘limit’ their lives. But when it comes to addiction, ‘too much’ does have negative impacts.

— Deewas Bahadur Shah