Peoplespeak : Vive la Olympics: Fostering bonds of friendship

Olympics may get the participants into a competitive environment but its in a constructive way as it has been able to contribute a feeling of unity among all. On the other hand, if it were to promote more of a negative impact, it would surely not have been able to exist till now.

— Rimishna Manandhar, SXC

Inception of modern Olympics marked the beginning of brotherhood among nations on the grounds of sports. And participating in it has been regarded more important than winning. In recent times, however, the very ethos of the game has been overlooked on many occasions. Arduous competition and augmenting pressure to perform better are the primary factors and this is something IOC has to take into account to make the games better. As far as the question of dominance by a few countries is concerned, I feel it to be a cover for disguising the inability to outperform opponents. It is time now, to elevate the overall status of players and to bring about a revolutionary change to the existing system. As a matter of fact, performance nowadays is more dependent on technological intervention and scientific training than on individual endurance and perseverance. The so-called dominating nations are much concerned and continuously seeking to surmount the standards and so, the position they get in such events is not unworthy. Consequently, we as a nation lag and fall behind in the race and feel dominated. I regard this as a case of administrative indifference towards sports as a whole and a matter of national shame originating from the levity of concerned lot. Financial inequality is of course a criterion which dictates the affordability of investment in this field; however, I believe with true volition, affordability can be positively compromised. As long as the disparity in the behaviour of national authorities towards sports remains, this apparent dominance will prevail.

— Prakash

Olympic Games are held once every four years where many participants from different counties come together in order to participate in different events. At that time, participants show sportsmanship in their events, saying, “game is not to win but to play.” This spirit of sportsmanship makes participants broad minded and creates friendship among them and makes them think they all must live in the world with cooperation like brothers and sisters for the sake of welfare among people of the world. In this way, universal brotherhood is promoted by participation of those players in the events of Olympics.

— Mohan Narshing Shrestha, Kupondol

Definitely, events like Olympics promote feelings of universal brotherhood in the world. Games should be free from any sorts of personal and country’s advantage. Rather, it should be played to reduce the differences among people. And this is what we find in the Olympics where although every players represent their respective countries, at the same time they carry the message of mutual friendship and brotherhood. Olympics is the best medicine that cures atrocity among people.

— Ram Chandra Sharma, Dhangadhi

Yes, I think the feeling of universal brotherhood is promoted by such events like Olympics. By organising such events the participating countries will also have an opportunity to know each other. By this, one country can extend their political, economic and social relations with other countries. They can help each other when they are in difficulties like one brother helps another in difficulties. They can also share their happiness with each other. So such events should he held in every one or two years.

— Sushobhit Pokharel

Finally, the wait of four years has come to an end. Olympics, the festival of sports, is here. We should welcome this event with an open heart. All the people of the world are eager to watch the events and cheer for their country and enjoy it. The event, started with the main motive to strengthen the bonds of friendship among participating nations, has become very successful. It’s sure that an event like this will never get away from its objective. Sportspersons of different countries will be at the same venue where they can share their culture and traditions which will certainly help to tie the knots of friendship among them. In today’s world everything is influenced by politics. Sports sector also seems to be touched by it, but there should be combined effort of everyone to keep away the game of conspiracy from it. It’s good to see the sportspersons of different countries participating in the competition and sharing their joys. This event not only strengthens friendship among participants but also among millions of others who are watching this grand tournament. Although the losing country might have bad feelings towards, but it is only like a drop of water in the ocean of friendship. Overall, events like Olympics helps to foster the friendship among the nations.

— Pradeep Bhandari, Surkhet

Modern Olympics has already crossed century mark since its inception. However, 100 years of its journey was not as smooth as it should have been. In its century long history, Olympics has undergone various upheavals and obstacles. Apart from two World Wars followed by the long running Cold War between two powerful countries America and Russia. The power struggle between the two countries had severe impact and boycotting the game had become a strong tool to demonstrate dissatisfaction. Allied nations had no other option but to follow the decisions of the powerful countries to which they were allied with. This kind of attitude among the two powerful countries had naturally undermined the motto of Olympics.

However, the situation has changed now. For the last few years we have seen the Olympics games on the right track. There have been no unpleasant boycotting of te games. Rather the number of participating nations has been increasing. Seeing all this I can confirm that the Olympics has picked up its spirit in a way the initiator had envisioned, overcoming all the obstacles lying on its path. Actually there is no other forum and platform, but the Olympics where sportsmen from across the world gather every four years and show their sportsman spirit, ability, talents and tactics. We see rivalry between the countries having no affect on the game and players performances. So, it would be injustice to say that power supremacy has engulfed the spirit of Olympics of late, simply because it suffered from political power game in the past. The bond between the players can be seen growing stronger and a sense of universal brotherhood being developed among the athletes.

— Ambika Pandey,


Games are played either to win or lose. It is not the result that only matters but your efficiency, fairness and optimism too. Above all, it is only the means that connects rival competitors and develops relationship between them. It is true that one must win but the interaction that the players have is memorable too. In spite of the diplomatic rivalry there always exists some space for brotherly love. Olympics was started in Athens, Greece with a view to promote friendly bonds among different countries. It is a place which accommodates different countries with an entertaining purpose and acts as a means of communication to break the barriers among them. It is not only about losing or winning but about the experiences that is shared with people of different nationalities, cultures and religions. Though it may have some defects, it has lots of plus points regarding establishment of friendly relationship in this busy and self-centred world. I believe, Olympics can be the only common event where different countries participate in a healthy competition to promote the feelings of universal brotherhood among them and have respect and space for each other.

— Nandita Sitaula

Olympics is a worldwide celebration for entire sports lovers around the world. It is a way to burgeon the bond of sportsmanship beyond any borders and it certainly stands for global celebration for games. As for Olympics creating an atmosphere for each nation’s beating their fellow opponent nations, and being competitive with others, it is also a part of the celebrations. If everybody plays to win, then it will be no more have the sprit of sportsmanship which is the main cause of Olympics. It is to share similarities and celebrate differences.

— Tsiring Grunge