Peoplespeak: Wealth Vs Happiness: Happy people are wealthy people

Siddhartha Gautam was one of the richest princes of his time, but he was not satisfied with his material possessions. He left all his wealth in search of the meaning of life. While learning about the spiritual aspects of life, he became bankrupt yet achieved profound happiness and satisfaction and became popular worldwide as Gautama Buddha ‘The Light of Asia.’ Today his teachings have given meaning in people’s lives. In my opinion, happiness is our biggest wealth. Material wealth cannot guarantee happiness. So, if we own a lot of property, we might or might not be happy, but if we are happy we are also wealthy as happiness is our biggest asset. I’d prefer to be on the World’s Happiest list.

— Cool Cristofer

Wealthy or happy? Tough question in today’s context because people think these two words are synonymous with each other, but I would like to be on the Happiest list. Let’s see, you are doing good at your job, you have a nice flat will all the luxuries but you don’t have loved ones around you. They aren’t there when you fall ill or when you are depressed, all your luxuries go in vain. There are so many things money cannot buy, like a smile from your crush, satisfaction you get when you are praised by your teachers... Small things in life matter these small things play a big role when it comes to being happy.

— Tulika

Everyone wants to be on the world’s wealthiest list. But does wealth give him the happiness he wants? A happy heart is already a wealthy heart. A happy man is happy any way because he has peace of mind. I would prefer to be on the Happiest list.

— Bibha Dahal, Tri-Chandra Campus

Wealth is not the essence of life, it is only a requirement to fulfil materialistic needs. Money is the universal provider for everything except happiness. Although wealthy people have everything, they live in the constant anxiety of profit and loss. But a happy person is mentally and socially healthy. I think, to be on the list of World’s Happiest persons is the greatest achievement for anyone. So, I would want to be on the World’s Happiest list.

— Aagya Dahal, Jorpati

Neither do I consider the poorest people to be the happiest, nor do I think money can purchase everything. I think wealth is a good servant but a bad master. Fortune is like a magnet. Instead of giving an individual the time to enjoy whatever his wealth can buy, it tends to make him yearn for more. And before a person realises, his entire life is spent blindly running after it. The quest can make him forget everything else — even himself. So I would to be one of the World’s Happiest people because I don’t believe in letting money rule my life.

— Nitya Pandey

Happiness has more worth than precious jewels and fancy cars. It can’t be purchased no matter how much cash we are ready to pay for it. Of course wealth is indispensable for living but it doesn’t bring any happiness, rather it leads one’s life into the alleys of misery. Money can make life luxurious and can fulfil a person’s needs, however unless a person is happy, life can never be what it is actually meant to be.

— Laxmi, Samakhusi

A smile costs nothing but has a lot of value. I wish to be on the World’s Happiest list. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt from the heart. Wealth is a reward given for something, but happiness is a wonderful feeling that makes one a better person.

— Rimsha Shrestha, Phutung

Happiness is a state of mind. We need not wander here and there to achieve happiness. I have never seen a happy person running after wealth, whereas wealthy people can be seen craving for happiness. If material comfort and money were signs of happiness, wealthy people could have achieved that with the strength of cash and wealth. Happiness is not a saleable stuff. If it were, then wealthy people would pocket all leaving nothing for the poor. If I choose to become the wealthiest person then I would find myself trapped in accumulating goods and cash only for myself. Contrary to that if I choose to become the happiest person, I would love sharing whatever I have as compassion and sacrifice enriches us with happiness.

— Ambika Pandey

Wealth is a sign of greed and happiness is a sign of bliss. Thus, I will choose blissful life over one that is full of greed.

— Eklaxmi Nepal

We strive and live for happiness, so what is the value of being on the World’s Wealthiest list if we aren’t happy? I’d like to be on the World’s Happiest list because happiness makes our life worth living. A moment of happiness makes us feel we are of value to other people. I don’t think wealth can’t always buy happiness, but happiness encourages us to earn more. Happiness increases when shared but wealth is never shared, and it makes people selfish and greedy.

— Shila, Panauti

I remember Laxmi Prasad Devekota’s words ‘sag ra sisnu khayako besh aanandi manale’, which makes me realise that I would choose happiness over wealth. Wealth can not give peace and prosperity, it is achieved only thorough happiness.

— Bikram Man Shrestha, Baneshwor

I would like to be on the World’s Happiest list because happiness is the finest thing, the most precious wealth and the greatest satisfaction in the world.

— Dev Raj Adhikary, Nepaltar

I wish to be on the list of World’s Happiest people because happiness is the basic requirement to lead a smooth and beautiful life. If we are satisfied, then we can be the wealthiest one too. It’s necessary to be satisfied in everything we do. Don’t search for happiness in external things but find it in your heart.

— Shristi Kafle

I would like to be on the World’s Happiest list because when a person is happy his/her outlook is positive. In a state of happiness, you feel calm and are at peace at heart.

— Nischal KC

Wealth is a means to the end of happiness. So, I would rather be the Happiest person than the Wealthiest person.

— Pramila

Wealth cannot buy happiness. Happiness is wealth as it can make every moment more valuable. A wealthy person can be satisfied with his/her wealth but s/he may not understand the meaning of true happiness. Yes, it is true happiness alone is not enough for living but only wealth is also not sufficient. So, we can say we can’t live without both of them. Thus, I would like to be a happy and wealthy person.

— Niranjan Udas

Neither wealth nor happiness are everlasting. However, I would prefer to be on the Happiest list. Happiness is something wealth cannot purchase and everyone seeks happiness — be it the wealthiest or the poorest.

— Krisha Amatya

I’d rather be on the World’s Happiest persons list because when we say happy, we are talking about something very vast, whereas wishing for more wealth is very limited. Materialistic status has little to do with one being happy. Although money plays a vital role in life and is an integral part of today’s world, it can buy anything but happiness. Happiness is a state of mind and a level of satisfaction, which cannot be measured and be derived from possessions.

— Rhea Gurung, Maharajgunj

I would rather be on the Worlds Happiest list because a happy person is a wealthy person. Being happy and content one can earn money and make life more successful and meaningful. I want to be happy and want to make others happy. By making others happy I want to be remembered as someone special.

— Jyoti Maharjan

I would love to be on the World’s Happiest list provided that I am a billionaire. In my view, nowadays happiness and satisfaction both come with wealth. You can’t imagine to settle anywhere on this planet without having a lot of wealth. You can’t even dream to live the life of your dreams without having the grand facilitator of happiness — wealth all around you.

— Kiran Thapa, St Xavier’s College

I would prefer to be on the World’s Wealthiest list because if I am rich I can afford anything I want and it obviously will enlist me on the World’s Happiest list. Some people think that money is nothing although they are poor, but they are always tense because of their never ending economic problems. And they can never be on the World’s Happiest list.

— Limbu Kabir

In a diplomatic way I would say I would like to be on the Happiest list, but in reality I can’t imagine anyone being happy without loads of money in today’s world. When everyone is trying to outrun the other, money plays a vital role. Today a man is considered successful after looking at his bank balance, his earnings. So, I would actually like to be on the World’s Wealthiest list.

— Saujan Bikram Thapa

I would like to be on the World’s Wealthiest list because money matters a lot. Satisfaction is the main origin of happiness and wealth is the main source of satisfaction. Happiness doesn’t fulfil our basic needs.

— Shekhar KC, KU

I would like to be on the World’s Wealthiest list. Wealthy people are appreciated everywhere. Wealth helps them buy luxurious things and fulfil their demands. If they are suffering from diseases, they can afford to go to different countries and get cured too and live a long and happy life.

— Sushobhit Pokharel

I would like to be on the World’s Happiest list by being one of the wealthiest. No matter how much we support the fact that ‘money isn’t everything’ it is not practical. In this era where money makes a big difference in one’s life, we can’t really expect to be happy without it. Of course love, affection and other factors can make our lives pleasant but they can’t buy everything. In order to achieve something in life and be at the top, money is crucial in some way or the other. But that doesn’t mean only the wealthiest people can and have reached greater heights. How can we expect to bring smiles on our faces if we are unable to fulfil even the basic requirements?

— Prinsa Shrestha

I think I want my name in World’s Wealthiest list because I think wealth is the only thing in today’s century that can fill every single moment with happiness. To be on the World’s Wealthiest list, one needs commitment, plan, patience, knowledge and many other qualities. Personally, I think I have the art of making every single moment happy and so soon will also be the World’s Wealthiest man.

— Deewash Bdr Shah, New Baneshwor