Peoplespeak:If incarnations were possible, I’d be...

I would like to imbibe the characteristics of Lord Ram, the epic king of India, who always respected the opinions of the people and served his old father without hesitating even to go to the jungle for 15 years for the sake of fulfiling his father’s promise to his step-mother. He was a man of truth and did not hold back even to sacrifice his life for truth, which is something impossible for the people nowadays to believe in. It is the duty of a son to serve his father and mother because they are considered to be greater than even the gods. Parents take up the great responsibility of bringing up children. They raise their

children by taking care of their health, education, and most importantly teaching them good morals. In return, we should look after our

parents as dutiful sons and daughters; otherwise we should go to hell after

our death. In this way, I would like to imbibe the characteristics of truth like that of Lord Ram.

— Mohan Narshingh Shrestha, Jwagal, Kupondol

Goddess Laxmi is also known as Mahalaxmi. Mahalaxmi is the goddess who helps man achieve his objectives, especially prosperity. Goddess Laxmi is illustrated as an 18-armed goddess, bearing string of beads, axe, maze, arrow, thunder, bolt

et cetera. There are eight types of secondary manifestations of Goddess Laxmi who preside over eight sources of wealth and thus represent the power of Shri laxmi. They are Adshi, Hanya, Dhairya, Gaja, Santana, Vijaya, Vidha and Dhana Laxmi in different places of Nepal. Laxmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu and is believed to be married to Lord Ram (in her incarnation as Sita), and Lord Krishna (as Rukmini and Radha).

People worship Goddess Laxmi on Diwali, the festival of lights. I like Goddess Laxmi because she showers wealth upon people and takes away darkness, poverty, stagnation, anger and laziness from our lives. She is the embodiment of love. She is also the embodiment of superior spiritual feminine energy which purifies, empowers and uplifts individuals. So, I would like to be Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of fortune.

— Sanju Duwadi, Bafal

Maybe many of us cannot deny the fact that our age and the situations that we are in highly affect whom we consider as our source of inspiration. Owing to the fact, I being a student could only think of ‘Devi Saraswati’ as the mythological character of inspiration. Popular as ‘the goddesses of knowledge’ she has always bestowed upon us her blessings and has encouraged us to do what is right. So, without any doubt if given a chance I would love to be in her place.

— Anuja Koirala

My mythological character of inspiration would be none other than Lord Ram, who is the prime character of Ramayana. He is such a people-devoted person for whom the people of that time had high respect for, and people kept him in very high esteem. Lord Ram always lived the life of truth and brotherhood. As the eldest brother, he always maintained harmony, trust and love amongst his younger siblings. He was very people-oriented, to such an extent that he even readied himself to discard his better-half Sita not to dishearten his people. He is still remembered for ending the rule of devil like Ravana, the king of Lanka, to re-establish peace, prosperity and happiness during his time. Even Vijaya Dashami is celebrated since in the memory of the very great victory by Lord Ram over devil Ravana.

— Anjan Gurung, Pokhara

I always had this habit of listening to various stories from my Granny during my childhood. Most of those stories included lots of mythological characters. Being a child, I believed that they really existed and thus, I started getting inspired by them in one way or the other. If I were to become any one of them, then definitely I would love to be Alladin’s Genie. Being a Genie, I could bring happiness to everyone’s life by making their wishes come true. But on the other hand, no one is fully satisfied. So, my major target would be fulfiling people’s selfless wishes rather than the greedy ones.

— Ansu Aryal, Campion College

I wish to be Hanuman so that I can take out Nepal from its abysmally poor condition in sports. I would charge all Nepali players with power so that Nepal would be able to win China and Michael Phelps in Olympics. Then Nepal will be confident of victory in almost every type of global competition like FIFA, ICC World Cups and others.

I would repair broken dams so that disasters like floods don’t happen again. I would help in the construction of infrastructure like roads, railways, bridges et cetera. Then I would pull Nepal out from the deluge of crime. I will bring the nation on the right track by using each and every muscle of my body.

— Akrur Sharma

Yes, we are inspired by mythological characters to always do what is right, and if I could be one, I’d be Hercules, one of the greatest and most famous of all Greek heroes and the strongest one who had ever lived upon earth, whose mighty deeds are even now looked upon as being symbolic of the tremendous difficulties that beset the way of all the seekers of true greatness. He wasn’t a God at first, and, therefore, entitled to immortality by birth.

Actually, I like being strong and facing adventures in order to gain success like that of Hercules, which can only be achieved by battling with and overcoming the problems that arise. Being Hercules, I’d use all my strength in spreading knowledge and peace to form scientific and technocratic world. I’d also fight against the present violence and bring about a feeling of tolerance among all of us. So, I believe being Hercules would be the best and I want it. Oh! God please provide me the power.

— Binod Regmi (Smith), Tulsipur, Dang