Perfect comfort zone

KATHMANDU: The perfect combination of pleasing décor and comfort is what a master bedroom should have. While planning the decoration this room comes second in the priority list, only after living room and thus is given a bigger space than other rooms. Since it is the room of the owner of the house, master bedroom should be decorated keeping in mind the fact that one should feel relaxed and at ease in this room.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your bedroom is perfect for you to unwind after a busy day.

•Don’t use bright colours on the walls, as too bright colours can be disturbing especially during the early morning time.

•Bedroom should have dual curtains, while you can use the net ones during the day time the thick ones are for the morning and nighttime.

•Although low beds are in fashion you should opt for a bed that you find comfortable. Keeping beds with storage cabinets can save a lot of space.

•The bedside table can be used both for storage as well as for decoration purposes. A table with wooden doors can be used for storage purpose while glass shutters or open tables can be used for decorative items.

•Dressing table is a must for a bedroom as the mirror lights up the room. If you don’t have much space for the whole set then you can keep shelves on the wall below the mirror.

•Go for simple lights rather than fancy ones.

•As for sitting arrangements, you can use two chairs or a few cushions for floor seating.

•Parquet flooring or wall-to-wall carpeting is pref-erred for bedrooms. Wh-ile keeping carpet on a parquet floor make sure to have carpet underlying to avoid slipping.

Bedroom should have enough moveable space so keep the furnishing minimal and don’t just pile up things for decoration purpose. Also make sure that your furniture doesn’t have sharp edges.

(Tips given by Shaila Maskey, Interior Designer at Homemaker furniture store)