Performer par excellence Srijan Lwagoon

Kathmandu: By dint of his unique rendition, Srijan Lwagoon has become one of the top ten finalists of Samsung Nepali Tara. Srijan, a permanent resident of Sunsari, Morang, had performed audition from Kathmandu. As anticipated by the audience he has now proved himself an indomitable contender. Bimala Rai, one of the ju-dges, says, “He will definitely be within the top five finalists.” From the very beginning, Lwagoon succeeded in casting a spell on his audience as well as the judges. Ranjit Acharya, Managing Director of Studio 4 and the brain behind the event, says that Lwagoon was initially somewhat apprehensive about how far he would go. Now the organisers are apprehensive about the possible fallouts of his mini-star status these days. Lwagoon has the looks to back up his performance. Bimala Rai believes Lwagoon has all the potential to become an extraordinary stage performer as well as a good singer. Just out of school at 19 years of age, he is full of energy and enthusiasm.

“What he has exhibited in these rounds is surefire indication of the emergence of a star,” Rai said. — HNS