Picky Darsheel paves way for others


The demand for Darsheel Safary to do films grows by the Friday. Fortunately or unfortunately, Darsheel is being very picky. So now, directors who wanted Darsheel have started looking at other actors, some of them from Taare Zameen Par. Tanay Cheda who played Darsheel’s friend in TZP (Rajan on the crutches) is from Raell Pada-msee’s theatre group. He plays the younger lead with Ruslaan Mumtaz in the new comedy Mastang Mama.

The team was keen on Darsheel. “But he seems out of bounds. So we thought why not the guy who played Darsheel’s class mate? We feel Tanay is as good as Darsheel,” says Ruslaan.

Darsheel in the meanwhile makes his first television appearance this week on 9 X’s Chak De Bachche, his first appearance post-TZP. The producers of the programme say, “Darsheel hasn’t changed at all. But yes, there’s a change around him. One hopes he doesn’t lose his innocence.” — Agencies