Pink has been attacked by a frog.

AUSTRALIA: The 'So What' singer was enjoying a bike trip in Australia with husband Carey Hart, but when the pair stopped for a toilet break the excited amphibian jumped at Pink's face.

A source said: "They were relieving themselves by the road when a frog jumped up and hit Pink bang in the eyes. She freaked."

Luckily, the 29-year-old star - real name Alecia Moore - was not injured by the slimy creature.

Earlier this month, Pink revealed she was taking time off from her 'Funhouse' tour to head off on a road trip with motocross racer Carey.

The 'Sober' star, who has performed 27 shows across Australia since arriving in the country in May, said: "We're going on a motorcycle trip.

"I get to retire Pink for nine days and be good old Alecia."

However, the singer admitted she was scared of the Australian wildlife, asking: "How is anyone still living in this country?"

Pink and Carey separated briefly in 2008 but reunited earlier this year. Carey has been hosting motocross events across Australia while his wife has been performing.