Pixile Lott looking for love

LONDON: 'Mama Do' singer Pixie Lott is looking for a boyfriend because she has never had a serious relationship.

Pixie Lott has never had a boyfriend.

The 18-year-old beauty - who recently topped the British charts with her debut single 'Mama Do' - is on the hunt for love because she has never been in a serious relationship.

She said: "Everyone says you're supposed to find love at festivals. I didn't find any love.

"I've not really had a boyfriend. I don't really know why, I've had little things, but not a serious boyfriend. There was one person I went out with at school, but it was like a month long."

The teenage starlet currently has her sights set on dating a musician or a surfer.

She explained: "I like it when boys play the guitar. I do like the blonde surfer look, but I also like dark hair when it's a bit messy. I like the whole rugged messy look."

Earlier this month, Pixie revealed she was chatted up by lothario Russell Brand on an airport shuttle bus.

She said: "He was over one side of the bus and I was over the other side. He just walked through all these people while looking at me and went, 'You're pretty!' I was like, 'Er, thanks!' "