Pledge for peace! pledge for life!!

Someone said the full form of Nepal is ‘Never Ending Peace and Love’. But now it seems to be ‘Now Erasing Peace and Love’. No body knows where peace has hidden. It is not that we are not seeking it, but we don’t know to which planet it has gone. We hope an alien will return it in Nepal.

At present, Nepalis are searching for peace. People who used to boast about being Nepali are now repenting. The peaceful environment is now no more in Nepal. Studies have gone to hell. They are now playing the games of Maoist and the army, which used to be thief and police. There are no hopes of peace in Nepal. People are seeking a safe place and are moving to other countries. Would this be the situation forever? What will the next generation do? How does one cope with it?

People have now become insane. They are seeking for their gain only and don’t bother about others. For them, ‘Wealth is everything’. For money, they can implement any catastrophe. Are such people human? Instead of serving humanity they are vexing and agitating others. If the Almighty viewed Nepal, he might say, “What a nice action serial on air!” After every prelude, there is a question. People of Nepal and you reading this, I say, stop this. Don’t let the peaceful country and the birthplace of Buddha run into ruins. Don’t rely on others. No body else is going to come and help this country to grow, but a little effort from everyone in the county can make a big difference.

The climax has not yet come. We have enough time to develop ourselves. Always think optimistically. Pessimistically, we will never succeed in launching peace. Live and let live. Our unity will make a great sense to our youngsters. What will happen tomorrow, no one knows? Come on launch peace in the country. Wealth is not the greatest asset. After peace comes wealth. First let us store peace and then wealth would be dragged automatically towards us. If you have been through the history of China and other countries, you would know. They were not great and wealthy naturally. Their hard work makes them great. Shanghai was akin to Nepal a few decades ago but now it has become one of the wealthiest and most developed cities of the world. Who knows tomorrow, Nepal may be developed. Only gossip cannot work, come on alter the nation. Our country ha calibre. From gossip, come to practice. Give me hands, hands can do a lot. — Razendra Thakurathi, Class 10, Adarsh Vidya Niketan, Mahendranagar