She is the beauty,

she is the beast.

She is the cursed and the gifted

On who the eyes feast.

She is the doe-eyed fawn

The burdened subtle pawn.

She is the serenity of a moonlit night

The imperfect example of perfect virtue and vice.

She is the darkness, the mistress of seduction.

She is the saviour, the light of salvation.

She is the tender, gentle ripples of an endless stream.

Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, a poet’s dream.

She is the anger that lives within the deepest seas

The soothing touch, the sweetest kiss, and the sacred symphony.

She is a friend, and she is a foe.

The familiar stranger who walks with you on a lonely road.

She follows you in devoted silence.

She is the greatest strength that grows with every sunrise.

She is the humility, she is the pride.

The grieving widow, the blushing bride.

At her bosom, she cradles a new life.

The naïve child who grows into a lady fair and fine.

She is the betrayal, she is the faith.

She is the devil, and she is the saint.

She is the magic that shows you stars in an empty sky.

For her his life, valiant Lochinvar sacrificed.

She is eternal damnation, she can destroy you.

She is the elixir of life, the angel who can save you.

She is a miracle of the Heavens, the most wonderful.

She is a woman, the beautiful.

— Sumnima Dewan, Malpi International

Beauty of nature

The scenic view of


And the beautiful valley

Makes me curious

About natural beauty.

Merry with birds

I see a dream

Flying on a broomstick

I find myself exploring

the world.

Speaking through words

of nature

I can feel the beautiful


And look at the beauty

of nature.

I vow to make nature


Throughout the world

Planting greenery

As nature is as precious

as gold.

— Nishant Luitel, Class IX, South Point Boarding High School

Law of nature

Through the mist of fog

Sunbeams enter this earth

Dancing merrily upon the soft grass

Fragrance of flowers

spread over

Whistling wind in

the jungle

Ah! What a scene.

Rainbows showing colourful bands

Faint rain touching the earth’s surface

Lambs bleating on the stubbled plain

Chuckling of a brimming brook

As if it gives a glimpse

of heaven.

Maturing sun upon

the crops

Merrily dances to and fro

Desperate and

distressed wind

Mingled with joyous crops

All of a sudden serenity

sets over.

Slowly the silver sphere shines

Along with the twinkling stars

A melancholy song

Keeps the lover around

It’s the time for night to rule with fear

In a slow pace, every nook and corner darkens.

What’s the law of nature?

Just like a human life

Happiness on one side

Sadness on the other.

— Sajana Karki, Little Angel’s College