What is Pink?

Roses are pink… so


What is Green?

Bushes are green… so wonderful

What is Blue?

The sky is blue… so cool

What is orange?

My pillow is orange…

how beautiful!!!

— Srija Khanal, Class II, St Mary’s High School

Destiny’s master

When you open your mouth to give advice

We feel like —

A star has started twinkling; never to get dim

A flower has started blooming; never to wither

A river has started flowing; never to halt in its path

A ship has started sailing; with the same energy as ever

The sun has started shining; smiling with natural glow

The world has started changing; being as beautiful as ever

So we will adore you as nature’s gift

As our future resides in your hands.

— Shreya Jha, Class IX,

The Imperial Academy

My cat

I have a cat

His name is Pat

He sits on the mat

And eats rat

Then becomes fat

Like my dad.

— Sweta Rijal, Class IV, St Mary’s High School


Teacher, Oh! Teacher

You are our God

You give us knowledge and love

You make our life

How nice you are

You give us suggestions

When we are in trouble.

Oh! Teacher

You are our God.

— Sushmita Regmi, Class VI, VS Glorious English Medium School