Make you mine:

Riding on my dreams

I shall come to meet you

Will take away all your sorrow

Giving you my joys.

The world wishes for me to depart

From your heart

Even I pray God to make

You a part of my life.

— Sarmila Acharya, Class XI, Lincoln College

Our fellow beings:

Labourers work all day and night

And we take the advantage

Some of them sad to say

Die of starvation before their time.

They work all day for a meagre amount

We think that it is nothing much

But if we imagine ourselves in their place

We will know how much it really is.

They work hard for their food

And sometimes we don’t even care

For a minor mistake, on rant at them

If only we could feel their pain.

They are hungry for food and love

But there is nothing they can do

Knowing this if we disrespect them

And become a monster in return.

— Saugat Chapagain, Class IX, Young Hearts Boarding School

A new Nepal:

A complete democracy


This obviously couldn’t

be refused

Let us see what goes on

In this new state without the guns.

Stop every single war

Put it aside very, very far

Conserve and build peace

Don’t ever let it be snatched.

Nepal dreams of freedom and peace

For last ten years it has screamed

Success has finally been achieved

Happy faces with thoughts of ‘Happiest Day’

Let us stand as united Nepalis

And avoid injuries and war

Let peace prevail for all

In this ‘New Nepal’.

— Alisha Tuladhar, Class VIII, Malpi International School, Panauti

Our interesting Capital:

‘Hatiban’ doesn’t have any elephants

While ‘Mulpani’ is not the main source of water

The bridge at ‘Ratopul’ is not red

And ‘New Road’ is made up of the same old roads

‘Baluwatar’ doesn’t have sand, except for red mud

‘Swargadwari’ is not the gate to heaven

‘Bhaktyapul’ is not in the least broken

‘Dakshin Dhoka’ is towards the east

‘Gairigaun’ is not at all a village

And ‘Baghbazar’ is not a markat of tigers.

— AnishThaku, Class IX, VS Niketan

Carpe diem:

The sun rises again

after it sets

It’s no use staying glued

to the past

Or in the darkness of

past shadows

Open those closed


Breathe in a new day’s

fresh air

And take your steps with great care

Come out of a lost story

Get energised to solve a new mystery

Step into the world

With new hopes and


Reload your energy

To achieve your desires

and ambitions

Expect the good

Never let past devils

spoil your mood.

We have control over

our today

So, let’s seize the


— Iju Shakya, St Mary’s HS School