When you are near:

I am on cloud nine

thinking of you

I imagine your sweet smile

and rosy cheeks too.

Can’t get you off my mind

just want to have you here

I’m the happiest

when you are near.

— Gaurab Manandhar, Class VIII, VS GEMS

Winter’s day:

A freezing morning

Shivering with cold

I wash my face with icy cold water

Even my heart starts

to flutter.

Studying alone while others sleep on

I feel sad and want

to weep.

But with a hot breakfast

I feel warm and cozy

Like I am in heaven.

Getting dressed, reaching bus stop at eight

Is what I totally hate

As it is colder outside

And the dry leaves fall

by my side.

On the I go to school

I feel like I’m drowning in the icy pool

I can’t concentrate well due to the cold

And it appears like I

am in hell.

My hands shake; I

cannot write

It is very dark as there’s no sunlight

My body shivers

I have a headache

At lunch break I see

the sun

Feeling very happy,

out I run

But in minute’s the

sun’s gone

As fast as a shooting gun.

Once again the leaves start to fall

The fierce wind

starts to call

Pulling close my blazer

Back to class I

start to run.

After classes, I

return home

Even a five-minute journey seems very long

Reaching home,

I heave a sigh

I’ve gotten through yet another winter’s day.

— Sadichchha Pokharel, Class VIII, St Mary’s High School

Wake up:

Hey man! If you wish

You can run the world

To serve your nation

You can earn the gold.

Throw away your


Take steps towards


Be quick, don’t get left behind

Then a goal you will find.

Time and tide waits for none

A blink of an eye and chance gone

So respect and

follow time

You will find that

everything’s fine.

— Ashish Magar, Class IX, Valley View School