Green trees:

Trees on the mountains, trees on the hills

Some are tall, others are short

Help the sick, even the potter

Keep the earth from

getting hotter.

Trees on land, trees around

Provide us coffee as well as tea

Even fruits and veggies

Serve as home for birds

and bees.

Save the tree and let it grow

Don’t cut trees but plant

them more

From the river banks along the shore

Life on earth will trees restore.

— Tshring Tenzing, Class VII, Kathmandu Valley Campion Associate

A better generation:

Students are the pillars of

the nation

Hope of a better generation

Future of the country

depends on them

They are the ones to keep

the country’s name.

Students have to work hard

For the country’s safety

and gaiety

Students have to be hard working and good

So that the country’s people can eat food.

Students should be taken good care of

And good feelings should be shared

Students are the future of nation

They are the source of a better generation.

— Sobin Joshi, Class IX, VS Niketan


My father is smart, tall

and strong

He is rich but never

does wrong

He often takes me for a ride

Down the country side.

My dad is nice to everyone

He never gets cross

with anyone

He’s such an

understanding man

I like him very much

It’s difficult to find

A kind dad like mine.

He goes to study in the Bible college

And has plenty

of knowledge

He is a great social worker

And an excellent


— Sarah Pradhan, Class V, Living Stone Academy Kathmandu

What’s life?

Life is like water, let it flow

Life is like time, don’t

let it go.

It is like a diamond,

let it glow

It is very precious,

everyone should know.

Life is in plants, animals and human beings

They are punished if they do bad things.

So we know that life is not

a waste

God has given us life for knowledge.

— Samrat Chand, Class V, RIBS School

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