My cat and I:

I am a naughty little brat

With an equally naughty cat.

I have eyes like an owl

My cat is as soft as a towel.

We are a team and

We both hate sunbeam

Me and my cat Lee.

— Prasanna Jung Bista, Grade VI, WoodStock School, Mussoorie, India

Blooms beautiful:

Flowers are beautiful

Flowers are nice

If you think they are dreadful

You are like the mice.

Butterflies like it

So do the farmers

But some of them harm it

They’re the traders.

Some buy flowers

For selfish reason

They don’t care flowers die

Before their full season.

— Pravasa Acharya, Class V, Nobel Academy, Kathmandu


My friends love spring, autumn and winter

But I find monsoon much better.

Though flowers bloom and birds sing in spring

Yet I love the falling rain and the thunder.

But sometimes there is a big blunder

Nepal is an agricultural country you know

Farming is the main


Plants and animals need plenty of rain

That’s the reason I love rain

I put on my gumboots and raincoat

As I walk down the lane

I hear the pitter-patter of the rain

And I sail my paper boat in the drain

I splash muddy water in the road

Finally I reach school with a big old toad.

— Sarah Pradhan, Class V, LSA, Lalitpur

I have a dream:

I have a dream to develop my country

And bring peace once again

I have a dream to serve my country.

And abolish sorrows and pains

I have a dream to climb up high

And help my country to touch the sky.

So I have lots of dreams

Dreams that I will have to fulfil

Dreams that I will have to make a reality.

And I know it is not that easy

I am working hard to make my dreams come true

And I know I will have to keep on doing so.

Though I will have to keep on doing so

I know I will not give up

Instead keep on doing along with the time.

— Mrja Manandhar, Class VII, DAV School, Kathmandu

Those days:

Today when I am in nine, I realise

Grade eight has given me beautiful memories

From the first to the very last day

Every moment has something to say.

They will be remembered by me

As the ‘Voyage Through Golden Sea!’

I am as now not living in the past

And the time is running very fast

But still feeling very sad today

I am forced to say.

Those moments when

We were so happy and gay

Has today gone very far away

Very far away.

— Binisha Nepal, Class IX, Triyog High School, Kathmandu