All those times I thought

You were right and I was wrong

All those times I thought

I was the bad tune in

your song.

I realise I was mistaken

Because I was blind in judging you

I realise I was mistaken

Because my mistakes were very few.

It seems like you don’t know

How bad one feels to be left out

It seems like you don’t know the pain

When friends act like

You find it good

To prove me wrong

You find it good

To hate me

But my pain is something you can’t see.

It was not me but you

Who was wrong all the time

It was not me but you

A meaningless lyric in a rhyme.

And today I want to break free

As I’ve changed into someone new

I want to break free

Cause you don’t deserve me.

— Jayanti Karki, Class IX, St Mary’s High School, Lalitpur

Going hi-tech:

You may have noticed teacher

I am not in school today.

But the tape deck on my desk

Will record each word you say.

Switch on my laptop’s web cam

When you have something to show.

And if you pass out homework

Find my fax number below.

I have a pager and cell phone

So I won’t be out of reach.

Since I don’t need to be in class

I will do my lessons on the beach.

— Santosh Shrestha, Class XII, Xavier Int’l College, Kathmandu

Bitter cup of my life:

Feeling lost and alone, I was

trying to know

Why my life seemed like an

empty road.

Had no reason no rhyme, like a boy out of time

And loneliness stared in front of my eyes.

How could I be such a fool?

To lose hold on anger and break all the rules.

I was searching in vain or was I playing a game?

As I had no one else but myself to blame.

There’s only loneliness in my world, no diamonds and pearls

But I fought a lot to search

out a happy world.

Those dreams never came true that I saw everywhere

So I ask myself were I building castles in the air.

Now whenever I walk out my door, I feel this lonely heart

And tears drop down and I know why it is so.

And just like a flower needs rain,

I need someone to share my pain.

— Neelesh Rauniyar, Loyola School, Kathmandu

My shelter, my strength:

You are the world’s greatest father

The one person I love more

than any other

You don’t leave things undone

There are no stones left unturned.

Always spreading me the arms of shelter

Lending me your hands when I falter

You take pride in my progress

Your deeds are things to praise.

May you always win a race

My love for you will never be less

Smile at the past with pride

and grace

Always want to see smile on

your face.

— Barsha Khadka, Class IX, Himalayan English School, Kathmandu

Letting a love die:

Lying on the seashore

We use to hold each others hand

We were always together

Struggling on our way of love

And it did not matter

How many waves lapped the shore

Because we had the feeling that

We will be able to reach the


But one dreadful day

Or embrace was broken forever

With our minds cheerless and hearts miserable

We had to walk in our lone ways

Saying goodbye

We blew out the flame of love


— Akriti Pandit, Class VI, Galaxy Public School, Lalitpur