A body without soul

That is what I am

I don’t know why

God is playing a game

I don’t want to blame

But I don’t want to live

being lame.

Let me live in happiness

Remove this wretchedness

Repeats the Big Ben’s chime

But, this life comes only one time.

So, please let me live

in the light

Don’t want always to live in the night

Take me from this Death Valley to great heights

I want my future to be bright.

— Nisheem Pokharel, Class IX, St Xavier’s School

Ugly world of ours

My eyes are filled with tears

My heart is full of fears

Every step I fall

I want to go far from all.

Everyone is fighting with each other

Even with father, mother, sister and brother

What will people gain?

Do they become happy by giving others pain?

Everyone is selfish and rude

It’s hard to find someone good

No one has the feeling of take and give

I want to go away from the world I live.

— Riddhima Sharma, Class VII, Triyog High School