Popular girlfriend Mischa Barton

LOS ANGELES: Mischa Barton says she has never had her heart broken because she is always the person who ends her relationships.

Mischa Barton has never been dumped.

The actress - who has been linked with a string of famous men, including singers Luke Pritchard and Johnny Borrell - insists the closes she has came to getting her heart broken was when a relationship ended mutually and she just got angry with the boyfriend for not letting her end the romance alone.

She said: "I've never been dumped. One tried to make it quite mutual though so that felt as close to dumping as I've got. I kind of lost it and was like, 'You are not turning this on me. I dumped you first.'

"I felt like my heart was broken at the end of a couple of relationships but it wasn't really."

The former 'O.C.' star also insisted she is currently single - but is looking for a new boyfriend.

She added: "I'm not even dating. I'm just on the prowl I suppose."