Portraying state of mind in petals


Every flower has its beauty and attraction, but Neera Joshi Pradhan captures the flowing beauty of the petals in her latest exhibition. A collection of 22 acrylic and water paintings is currently being exhibited at the Park Gallery. The exhibition was kicked off amidst a crowd of fans on March 9.

Pradhan has been a botanical and floral painter for 10 years now, but for the ‘Petal’ collection, it was nature’s beauty in the petals and the colours that fascinated her.

“I have at all times painted what I have seen — the tremendous colours of each delicate fragile petal and the sepal and the incredible veins,” said Pradhan.

The motions of her brush strokes are very vibrant with spring colours and the microscopic details seem to indicate she was standing inside each flower to get such details. The paintings are very cheerful looking with mostly crimson red and what she calls ‘true blue.’

She said the ‘Petal’ series reflect her inner state of mind rather than what exactly flowers look like. Usually when painting, she felt bound by some rules and regulations, but the fluid directions of her petals indicate she wasn’t thinking about those rules and boundaries.

“I always meet new challenges in making live paintings from dead materials. In recent days I have taken some liberty to paint freely,” said Pradhan.

These paintings are what the empty walls need to add a splash of colour and motion. The exhibition is on till March 23.