Potpourri of action and emotion


Genre: drama/thriller

Director: Kunal Shivdasani

Cast: Shiney Ahuja,

Esha Deol, KK Raina

and Kaveri Jha

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After watching numbers of Hollywood flicks about hijack especially of those of Steven Segal, we have come across many terrorists who create chaos and carry out brutal murders with style. And masala Hindi movies have always failed to create that drama and panic in their versions of hijack stories. But Hijack is different: it’s more realistic regarding storyline and the situation. Kudos to the director, action director and the one responsible for background scores.

Debutant director Kunal Shivadashani has taken up a different story while the whole industry is busy involved romantic and comedy genres. He has presented emotions, drama and romance all in one with the needed action and thrill. The shortcoming however is in his choice of actors, and the editing. The movie is short with few songs unnecessarily thrown in.

Terrorists hijack an internal flight from Delhi to Amritsar and demand the release of Maqsood, or else they will kill the hostages. In the flight is Chandigrah airport’s ground maintenance officer Vikram Madan’s (Shiney Ahuja) daughter. When Vikram comes to know that the flight is landing at Chandigarh for refuelling, he gets into the flight to save his daughter. He is helped in his mission to save his daughter and other passengers by a gusty airhostess Saira (Esha Deol). The story unfolds with various interesting action sequences

and mind work.

The first half is slow paced as the story takes time to unfold, introducing other supporting casts. The ambience and panic inside the plane has not been well presented. It seems like the passengers (except for those who die) are not aware of the situation and act cool.

Ahuja fits well in the role and is good in action, but fails when it comes to romance. He fails in convincing us that he can woo a girl. Despite the movie being about hijack and

terrorism, emotions have been woven well into the plot. The Parsi couples are really cute and convincible. Esha Deol is seen in a slightly different role where she is not a glam doll or dancing around trees. She plays her part well as an air hostess who is worried about passengers’ safety. Hailing from the Garam-Dharam family, viewers expect a few fight sequences and kicks from her, but she is more of a damsel in distress.

All in all, a nice attempt and to some extent well done movie, but good for only one watch.