Visualisation is a powerful medium of communication that is already working in our lives but we remain unaware of it. Success through visualization can be manifested in all areas of our life like getting a job, expanding business, improving relationships to inventing new products, becoming president of a country and becoming the richest man on earth.

We must learn to expand and create space inside our minds. Those who can use this technique include corporates (to increase profits and productivity, improve interpersonal relationships and achieve goals) children (to do better in exams, and games ), individuals (to get rich, get a job or a promotion, get rid of diseases), couples (to live a joyful and peaceful life) and everyone else for anything they want. Ramesh Kumar, founder of Mission Insight, has developed a unique, and easy to apply technique on the power of visualization. He has taught this technique to many who have, gone on to reap benefits of their teaching and take full charge of their respective lives.

A one day workshop is being organised by Kathmandu Icon Round Table 7 (KIRT7), a part of Round Table Nepal - a charity organisation involved in building schools in remote areas of the country. More information regarding the workshop can be made available on request at ktm@golchha.com.