Power packed thriller

Right yaaa Wrong

Genre: Thriller

Cast: Sunny Deol, Irrfan Khan,

Eesha Koppikhar, Konkona Sen Sharma, Arav Chowdhary

Director: Neeraj Pathak

Being screened at Gopi Krishna

KATHMANDU: A Sunny Deol-starrer might have been the biggest turn-off for this new release Right yaa Wrong. But wait a minute, let’s not judge the movie by the presence of this almost lost action hero. In fact Right yaaa Wrong is a gripping crime thriller that will knock you out — especially post-interval. The star cast has done justice to their respective roles adding spice to the whole thrill of the movie.

The plot is an interesting one and has been handled brilliantly by director Neeraj Pathak. Minute details of the crime and the courtroom drama have been taken care of and you are left in awe for the actors have delivered their best.

Two best friends Ajay Sridhar (Sunny Deol) and Vinay (Irrfan Khan) are brave cops of the Goa police force. An intelligent cop, Ajay is loved by all his colleagues. But one incident hatches rivalry between the two friends, which leads to the battle of supremacy. Radhika, (Konkona Sen Sharma) Vinay’s sister, lends her support to Ajay instead of her brother in their intriguing mind games, and Vinay has to literally fight it out. Ajay devises a plan along with his wife Anshita (Eesha Koppikhar) and his step-brother Sanjay (Arav Chowdhary) to get himself killed. Ajay wants them to execute the plan.

The story picks momentum post-interval and the court room scene sees all the actors delivering terrific performances. Deol has executed his part well, but Khan and Sen Sharma come as the saviours. Khan is no doubt brilliant as always, while hats off to Sen Sharma for her brilliant performance as a lawyer. The twist and turns in the courtroom sequences is just too good. Koppikhar has an okay kind of performance, while Chowdhary enacts his part with conviction.

The director has hit the right note and justifies the viewpoints of both the accused and the accuser ingeniously.

Music isn’t really that appealing to the ears and to the movie itself. Overall it’s a steaming cup of thriller that will surprise and shock the audience at the same time. Go and watch this power packed crime thriller as it will not disappoint you.