Prayers to the rising sun


Devotees holding coconuts were waiting for the Sun god to rise on the banks of ponds and rivers from early morning on October 29 as the Chhath festival reached its final day.

Devotees with dhaki (bamboo basket) on their heads waited patiently at ponds at Chhapkaiya, Sirsiya, Ghadiarwa, Maidiya, Nagawa and Ranighat to pray to the sun god and Chhathi Devi.

After the morning worship longs lines of devotees with puja materials and prasad could be seen returning home.

Devotees shared the prasad with relatives and neighbours. Fruits like sugarcane, banana, ginger and a sweet called Thakuwa are used as prasad at the festival. The puja venues were decorated with different kinds of lights. Ghadiarwa pokhari, which was the centre of attraction

this Chhath, was decorated in an attractive manner.

The pond was decorated at a cost of Rs 7 lakh, according to the president of Ghadiarwa Chhath Puja Management Committee Pramanda Gupta. “We decorated the pond in grand manner thinking that it will also attract tourists,” said, Gupta, adding, “Hearing the attractive decoration of the pond, devotees from India came to celebrate chhath in Birgunj”.

Some 2,000 households performed Chhath puja at Ghadiarwa pokhari. It is believed that skin diseases will be healed, women will bear children and certain other wishes will be fulfilled if one observes this festival.

According to a report from Bara, Chhath was celebrated in 98 VDCs and Kalaiya municipality this year. Devotees performed the puja at Chhathi ghat behind the Janahit library in Kalaiya, and the devotees did not sleep even during the the nights, said a local, Nilesh Timilsina.