Being called the final year students really holds a whole new meaning. Just two and a half years back, Little Angels became a part of my life. But these two and a half years were enough to leave behind memories to cherish. This school has provided me with a platform to expose my latent talents making me realise my potentials. My school taught me the meaning of education with highest ambition, the deepest desires and the thirst for achievement and always been a support for me to rise after each fall. Those bygone days spent in this school with friends, the challenges of being the School Head girl are all precious moments have now become, only a memory, a beautiful past which I greatly wish to turn into my present again. Really, time fades away but the memory remains and memories are all that is left with me now, the beautiful memories of life in Little Angels’. Whenever I close my eyes and enter into this beautiful world of my past, I wish if I could get back the lost time.... Those precious fragments of life in Little Angels’ will always remain close to heart and will strive me to work better. — Sujeena Shakya, Class X, Little Angels’ School