Preserving culture through movies


An interactive program titled Matri Bhashama Chal Chitra Nirman ko Mahatwa was held at the Nepal Tourism Board on June 18. The program was organised by ‘For Cinema’. People from film fraternity and media personnel had attended the program.

Prominent personalities from the industry and media put forth their opinions regarding importance of movies in matri bhasa (mother tongue).

Showing his concern towards the language and culture of certain communities that are on the verge of extinction, director Yubaraj Lama said, “It is through such movies that one can keep ones tradition and language alive for the next generation.”

Speaking about the growth in the numbers of viewers, Kedar Sharma’s said, “Such movies can generate interest and create followers. One must not underestimate viewers, there is a

growing trend among people who watch documentaries if the content is good.”

Movies not only revive the culture and tradition but also are a good medium to preserve them. Ram Bahadur Thapa Magar said, “Culture is recorded forever through such movies, and so is a good source for preserving our culture. All languages should be given equal priority while making movies.” Director Navin Subba put forward the positive changes he has seen among the general public through movies, he said, “Previously women were reluctant to wear traditional jewellery but after these were used in the movies, now they take pride in wearing them.”

Ashok Sharma, president, Nepal Film Producers Association said, “Such movies should be made in a way that a large audience understands it. It should also focus on youngsters who are deviating from our culture to make such movies more effective.”

“We should not criticise but support each other’s language and culture,” he added.

“I believe man’s most important inventions are his language and culture,” said Prof Tulsi Diwas.

“Today’s need is not just political but cultural autonomy as well, and creating such movies in an artistic way is necessary, it should not be made only for financial reasons but to show ones creativity too, when such movies reach an international arena they do not just represent a community but the country as a whole,” said Diwas.

One should not make movies according to what the fans want but create movies, which will create audiences for such movies, he added.