Pretty in pink

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I used to have fair skin. Nowadays I have noticed black marks on my skin. Can you please suggest what kind of foundation I should use to cover these marks? —Sumitra

The black marks that have appeared on your skin are due to the sun. To camouflage the black mark on your face you need to buy yourself a good concealer and apply it and use a foundation over it and follow it up with powder to hold the makeup.

Hi! I read your column always. I was wondering why one must use a blusher on the cheeks. How does it help besides making the face look pink? —Praniti

Blush is an important part of makeup. It adds colour and depth to your skin and also helps to alter the shape of your face giving your nose cheeks and forehead a healthy dazzling glow.

Monsoons are round the corner and I love applying makeup. Please suggest the correct makeup to apply in this season. —Shama

With monsoons around there are chances of your makeup getting absolutely ruined and washed out. It is better not to use a foundation during this season, instead use a face powder. But use face powder only sparingly only to remove the grease off your face and nose. Use a waterproof mascara and eyeliner and avoid kajal. Stick to powder formulas for eye shadows as cream can melt off the face. Shades of browns pinks and beige are right for the rains. Cream blushers are good and water friendly too because if your face gets wet all you have to do is dab a tissue and the blush remains put! And lastly for your lips use the long lasting colour stay lipsticks and avoid the creamy glossy ones. Good luck!

I am a schoolgoing girl with an excessive amount of oil in my face. When I get ready

for school in the morning I apply fair and lovely oil control cream and powder, which makes my skin, look good but after few hours my skin turns oily and make me look horrible especially the parts around my nose. Do advise. — Pratigya

Wash your face; apply a sun block and then your powder as you have been doing. But as you have an excessive oily skin you need to keep re applying powder on your T-Zone.

The prize for the question of the week goes to Shama.