Prez Chavez comes to Shakira’s rescue


What is a hip-shaking, Latin Grammy-sweeping superstar to do when she can’t find a suitable stadium to play in Caracas? If you’re Shakira, you get in touch with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and get yourself an air base.

“Shakira didn’t have anywhere to do her show, and I had banned such shows at La Carlota (Air Base) but her promoters sent me a letter, and I gave it a look,” Chavez said in Maracaibo, ahead of the Colombian’s Oral Fixation No 1 tour show here on November 11.

So “Welcome, Shakira,” the president said, opening the gates to the base which was the epicenter of a failed 2002 coup bid against him, to 40 tonnes of equipment and some mesmerising moves.

Shakira rocked the Latin Grammys earlier this month, taking home five of the six awards for which she was nominated. Her album Fijacion Oral Vol 1 won Album Of The Year. — AFP