Prez Oprah? No, says Winfrey


Talk show host Oprah Winfrey is trying to halt a grassroots campaign to put her in the White House. According to, Winfrey’s lawyers have ordered Kansas City businessman Patrick Crowe, who has initiated the effort for many years, to stop and discontinue using a phone website that contains Winfrey’s toll-free number whose last five digits spell out Oprah. They are supposedly causing damage and irreparable injury to her company Harpo. Crowe has also been asked to stop his book Oprah for President: Run Oprah Run. Crowe, a bit stunned, said: “I’m genuinely puzzled. How could asking her to run possibly cause (her) damage and irreparable injury? If Oprah asked you to run for president, would that be a compliment or would you threaten her with legal action?”