Princes gear up for Di concert


Prince William and Prince Harry toured a cold and rain-lashed Wembley Stadium in London on June 30 as they inspected the final preparations. Concert for Diana to be held on July 1. The brothers were taken around the arena and given an insight into the work of backroom production staff as they put the finishing touches to the event on what would have been the Princess’s 46th birthday.

The princes are putting on the celebration to commemorate their mother’s life 10 years after she died in a car crash. Prince William said Diana would have been ‘amazed’ that he and Harry had managed to put together the concert. Speaking on stage at Wembley as rehearsals went on behind them, the princes said the day

would be all about ‘remembering her’. The Concert for Diana will see Elton John, Rod Stewart, Status Quo, Lily Allen and Take That, among others; take to the stage in front of a crowd of 62,000.

‘If we could fit more people in here we would,’ said William, 25. ‘To us it is all about creating the right image for what we wanted. It is all about getting the feel right.’ The event would not be possible, he added, if it were not for all the ‘lovely little people running around’ and organising things. ‘Apart from the weather, it is the most amazing scenery and the most amazing setting,’ added Harry.

Before answering questions the princes watched pop star Joss Stone warm up.