Priyanka’s 2-day b’day bliss with Shahid

MUMBAI:Yeah, tomorrow Priyanka Chopra will celebrate her b’day. So far there’s no news of a birthday bash (she recently hosted a mega party and it seems she’s still getting over the after effects of that), and she recently even announced that she enjoys being a guest at parties more than playing host herself. Smart gal! Anyway, our guess is that it’s gonna be quite a special birthday weekend for PC. How do we know that? Our sources have let us onto a little secret. Apparently both Priyanka and Shahid Kapoor have kept July 18 and 19 free, even after they were asked, the duo sweetly refused to give these days to any producer for shooting, promotions, press or any other commitment. Hmmm... our guess is that SK is planning a special two-day birthday date with the lovely lady. Whoa...sounds so romantic, no? Just like a scene out of our Bollywood movie. What say?