Priyanka's finding her 'possible' love

Like any other girl, Priyanka Chopra has probably loved and lost and loved again. So if she has a standoffis attitude towards love and is wary to talk about it, we wouldn’t be surprised really.

But while talking to ZOOM about her next film Pyaar Impossible, Priyanka had a refreshing take on love, she confessed, “Pyaar is never impossible. It becomes impossible at situations and circumstances. It often happens that you can’t confess your love because you just can’t say it! But even after trying if it doesn’t happen... then it wasn’t meant for you.”

We really hope this sweet romantic finds true love. In the meanwhile, we must say the Kapoor boy has a good effect on Ms. Chopra. Well, anything is possible, really. Though she quite ‘impossibly’ still says she’s single. But then when you’re that hot, a lie or two is ‘possibly’ excused, okay?