MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra has always believed in supporting a good cause.

This time the sensitive actress is creating awareness about leprosy. PC has recently shot for a documentary regarding the cause for Alert India, an organisation that has been working for the cause for 30 years now. Speaking about the documentary, Veera Rao, director of the organisation, says, “We got in touch with Priyanka for the documentary and she agreed to do it immediately. We will be presenting the documentary on November 5 at a charity dinner that we have


We got to know that the documentary was to be shot only in English, but Priyanka insisted that they go for a Hindi version as well. The actress says, “I felt that having a documentary in English would be good to create awareness among kids in schools, colleges and cities, but to make the appeal wider we had to shoot in Hindi. That way we can reach out to rural pockets as well, where people need to be told about the wrong notions that they have regarding this disease.”

As the next step, the actress will also be spearheading the charity dinner organised titled The Beauty at the Feast that will be held tomorrow. So, how is the actress, who’s known to have air-tight schedules, making time for such causes? “I take my social responsibilities very seriously, and believe that when you really want to go something you always find time for it. If I can help a good cause in anyway by supporting it, I have always been able to find the time,” concludes PC.