Promises are meant (not) to be broken

Resolutions are made every year and broken with the same frequency. Well, that’s just how it is and as long as nobody’s complaining it’s a form of self-expression. Some of our readers share the funniest resolutions they have made while a few stick to the serious side:

It was January 1, 2004 and I was coming back home after having celebrated New Year at my friend’s place. I was a little drunk. I have to pass through the Chauni barrack to get home. It was dark.I suddenly felt the urge to use the bathroom, but there being none I searched for a bush. As I was relieving myself someone kicked me from behind. When I turned around to inquire who it was a Royal Nepal Army man greeted me with a loaded gun in his hand. I had been relieving myself in front of the barrack, a restricted area, where we weren’t even supposed to walk. My entire alcohol trip was gone in a second. He yelled at me and slapped me saying, “Is this the place for you to do this?” I couldn’t utter a word besides, “I am sorry,” that too with a trembling voice. He was about to punish me further but left me when I showed him my ID card. When I was finally allowed to go I walked without looking back, even once. That night, I made a decision never to do my “business” on the road even if it is mergency, not even in the daytime.

Swastik BC

I have run after girls a lot and now I have realised that girls are not worth dying for. So, my New Year resolution is to make girls run after me, instead.

Rishikesh Lamichane

I wake up late, go to college late and I’m late when I have to go on a date as well. As a result my parents, teachers and girlfriends yell me at. So in the coming year I resolve to be punctual.

Prajjwal Thapa

There are no roads where I have not met with an accident. So, my New Year resolution is to ride my motorbike more carefully.

Ujjwal Thapa

Every penny saved is a penny earned. So this New Year I want to save money by quitting moking. I want my lungs to rest for a while, as well.

Kumar Karki

I once made up my mind not to eat chocolates as I used to be eating it all the time. nfortunately, I made this resolution on my birthday. Now, how can anyone not have hocolates on their birthday? I wish my resolution had lasted for a day at least but it didn’t, which was the funniest part.

Anne Rajbhandari

I have troubled my parents’ alot. I don’t go to school pretending to be ill. Moreover I bunk classes and watch movies, meet my girlfriends and go to discos, instead. So I have resolved to be a faithful son in the coming days.

Aayush Parajuli

Last year to celebrate the New Year our family went for picnic to Godawari. I was wearing a red kurta-salwar. On the way — thanks to my bad luck or the bull’s good luck — a bull saw me and started chasing me. I had no other option but to keep running so as to save myself from the bull. I ran like the wind and being the athletics champion of my school, I managed to out run the bull. I was saved as one of the houses let me in as I ran around looking for help.

This was my funniest and luckiest New Year celebration as I won first position in running competitions henceforth. But this year, we celebrated New Year in the house itself but I am again wearing a red dress!

Rajshree Kabra

Three years ago I made a resolution not to allow anyone in my house sleep till 12 in the orning on New Years Eve. Funnily, I couldn’t do it for two consecutive years but last year I did it. Yes! Infact my cousins and me stayed awake till three in the morning!


Examinations are a terror as much for adults as it is for children. The element of uncertainty shakes the self-confidence of every examinee. As I was suffering from insomnia, I could not study a lot for the up coming exams. Anyhow, I prepared whatever little I could.

The day before the first paper I could not sleep at all. Yet, I proceeded to the examination hall the next day and took my seat. The bell rang and the invigilators started doling out the questions papers. My heart began to pound faster. I got the paper and started reading. I was confused and nervous, as my mind was empty. I could not attempt any questions and waited for help from outside. Somebody provided me a chit. Suddenly the invigilator arose and took my copy. I wasn’t allowed to sit the exam. Since then I have made a resolution not to cheat as cheating isn’t the best policy.

Surya Malakar

Though I don’t believe in celebrating New Years day by throwing lavish parties yet I like to mark the day in a different way so as to make it special so I can cherish the memories the year through. Visiting temples remains at the top of my celebration programme. At the same time I do not like to confine myself to the house on New Year’s Day. As I am very fond of visiting different places I try to tap New Years Day as the best opportunity for outings. But my temptation to visit different places was largely limited while we were in Surkhet as there were hardly any places to visit. But despite that I discovered a place that was very special to visit and enjoy and that was none other than the famous Bulbule Tal, Surkhet’s pride. Apart from the beautiful natural lake that is full of different kinds of fish, a man made rose garden that attracts both first timers and frequent visitors surrounds the place. We first visited the temple and then proceeded towards the site. As roses have always been my greatest weakness I was totally lost in the garden. We had taken a camera along so that we could capture every beautiful thing that we might come across. But at that time in Surkhet, there was no photo lab where we could not develop colour films and it had to be sent all the way to Kathmandu.

So we sent it through airmail as we thought it to be more reliable than the ordinary postal system. And we waited eagerly for the results. Days turned to weeks but we could not get our photographs back. After a long wait and much verification we came to know that the film had been misplaced. It saddened me as I thought of all beauty that I had captured in my camera. But now when I think of it the film that was loaded with the beauty of Nature may have gotten lost but the sceneries that my eyes captured are still fresh as ever and the memory itself is sufficient to soothe my heart. This is what I feel is the funniest part of my New Year celebration so far.

Ambika Pandey

Every resolution we make should be targeted towards prosperity. In this respect my New Years resolution will be to scale the heights of success.

First, I want peace and serenity in my inner world and prosperity in the outer. For that meditation will be my initial attempt. Then, adding two good habits everyday. With an indomitable spirit, I’ll live-up to my dreams and transform myself. Irrevocably, holding sway over my sub-conscious mind, I’ll triumph over myself this year.

Bipin Bajracharya

Till the year 2000 I was very gullible. So people used to take advantage of me. Several times my brother had suggested that I change my getup and be more practical. However, all his

advice fell on deaf ears. But I gradually started to realise that he had been right all along so I made a resolution to buy new accessories including a pair of “dingo” boots. I had never worn such shoes before and I was excited to own a pair. So I went to Baghbazar and bought a suitable pair. To my dismay when I wore it to office on the January 2 my boss scolded me so much that I had to take it off outside and wear slippers for the entire day. Moreover my feet ached when I tried to wear it outside. It was then that I realised that to be modern I needn’t be fashionably dressed but I should be confident, instead. Since that day I made a resolution to stop pleasing others. What I am matters more than what they want me be.

Eakprasad Duwadi