Quality time with grandkids

Not all of us are blessed to have grandparents with whom we can enjoy our days. The few of us who have are the lucky ones. And grandparents too must feel blessed to have grandchildren that they can love and enjoy. Here are some more ways to enjoys your days further.

Go on special outings, such as fishing, take a nature walk, visit the zoo or museum, or go on a picnic.

Teach your grandchildren to play home board or child’s card games, or let them teach you a game. Play spelling games such as Scrabble, put a jigsaw puzzle together, or show some ‘magic’ tricks. Get some large boxes for playing house.

Work together, such as gardening, making beds together, feed chickens, paint, or knit and crochet.

Read together. Listen to your grandchild read. Read comic strips with preschoolers looking on and discuss the humour. Read from a book of sacred writings and listen to your grandchild’s interpretation of what it means. Read or recite short, silly poems.

Sing together. Teach your grandchild silly songs, favourite songs, or religious songs. One silly song a grandfather taught his grandchildren was Little Blue Haired Boy. Great-grandchildren love it each time they hear it. Listen to a grandchild sing songs s/he already knows.

Other things that you can do are allow grandchildren to review awards, achievements, requirements, and their goals for the future. Practice first aid skills and test each other. Make toys or other crafts.

When your energy runs low...

Provide scrap paper for drawing, writing letters, or making paper airplanes.

Help your grandchild make a toy parachute from a handkerchief by tying corners with equal lengths of string to a weight.

Provide a stamp pad to make prints using fresh leaves.

Let them wash your car. Or, give them some scrap wood and let them pound nails, bore holes, saw, screw screws, or use pliers, chisels, a soldering iron, or some other tool, depending on their ages and interests.